McCabe concedes to Humason

Mayor-elect Donald F. Humason Jr and Police Capt. Michael A. McCabe, a candidate for mayor, speak Nov. 8 during a joint press conference where McCabe conceded to Humason. (Photo by Hope E. Tremblay)

WESTFIELD – Mayoral candidate and Westfield Police Capt. Michael A. McCabe conceded Nov. 8 to his opponent state Sen. Donald F. Humason Jr., three days after the election.

In the end, just 90 votes separated the two men, touted for running “a gentleman’s race,” with each candidate receiving almost half of the nearly 10,000 votes.

McCabe said during a joint press release in mayor-elect Humason’s Westfield district office that he had been told on Election Day there was an automatic recount when there was 1% or less separating the votes. He found out the next day that was not true; in Massachusetts, candidates must petition for a recount.

McCabe worked with City Clerk Karen Fanion, whom he said did “yeoman’s work,” and was satisfied with the votes.

There were reports of voting machines not working properly, but McCabe said his concerns were addressed and he accepted the 90-vote difference.

“I don’t want Don’s administration to start out this way and I don’t want to cost the city money,” McCabe said. “I simply don’t like to spend the taxpayers’ money.”

When asked about his future plans, McCabe said his tenure with the police department would soon end and he had many opportunities in both the public and private sector.

“I think you’ll be hearing from me again later on,” said McCabe, adding he was “not sure what that looks like yet.”

Both men thanked their supporters, volunteers and family.

Humason, a veteran of elections, said McCabe ran a great race, especially for his first election. He commented on the race and the philosophy of the candidates and their teams.

“We communicated with each other throughout – that’s two Westfield guys and that’s how we get it done,” Humason said.

McCabe agreed and said his campaign team decided from day one to run a “positive” campaign.

Humason said it would be almost business as usual in the coming weeks. He said he would begin the transition from senator to mayor and discuss with his senate leaders when to officially resign. A special election will be planned to elect the next senator and state Rep. John C. Velis has expressed his intent to seek the seat.

Current Mayor Brian P. Sullivan’s last day in office was Nov. 8 and City Council President Ralph J. Figy will serve as Acting Mayor until Humason is sworn-in Jan. 6. Sullivan is leaving office early to take a position in the Baker administration.

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