Southwick road projects winding down for winter

SOUTHWICK – Department of Public Works Director Randy Brown said Nov. 6 that the town’s long list of paving and infrastructure projects will soon cease for the winter.

Brown reflected on the various projects that took place this fiscal year so far and said $900,000 of the $2 million approved for paving and infrastructure during the Annual Town Meeting has been spent.

“That leaves us over half of the money for projects next year,” Brown said.

Two projects – the College Highway water main replacement and the Jarry Road pump station project – are nearly complete.

“The new water main is in and we will be transferring service then pave, if the weather cooperates,” Brown said, noting that paving projects, including the state project on Congamond Road, were put on hold this week due to falling temperatures.

Brown said paving could be delayed again next week.

“I’ve been looking at the weather and it’s supposed to be cold all week,” he said.

As for the pump station, Brown said there is an additional four to six weeks of work expected.

Work completed so far this year include draining, paving and culvert repairs on Granville Road, the Coes Hill Road intersection project, North Longyard Road drainage improvements and paving, micro-sealing in the Concord Road neighborhood and crack sealing throughout town.

“Next year we have projects on Tammy Lane and Jeffrey Circle, Nicholson Hill Road and Fred Jackson Road,” Brown said. The projects range from paving and drain work to culvert repairs.

Brown said he was happy that Town Meeting voters approved funding for roads.

“We adopted a paving and maintenance plan a few years ago, which has to be continuous to work, and every year we have to fund it,” he said. “This year we were fortunate to receive that $2 million.”

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