Montgomery Town Hall gets upgrade

Painters from Pro Coat Painting in Huntington prep 1849 Union Hall for new paint. (Photo by Amy Porter)

MONTGOMERY – Richard Bryer of Florence and Chris Hathaway of Pittsfield, painters with Pro Coat Painting of Huntington, were battling 95 degree heat and humidity on Tuesday as they scraped the paint off the Montgomery Town Hall.

Hathaway said they had been on the job for two days scraping a couple of layers off the 1849 building. He said he expected the job to take a week or a week and a half, depending on what they find.

Painters Richard Bryer of Florence and Chris Hathaway of Pittsfield scraping paint in Tuesday’s 95 degree heat in full sun. (Photo by Amy Porter)

“We are thorough. You have to make sure you get it off,” Hathaway said about the old paint.

Administrative Assistant Jane Thielen said the job, which was bid at $4,800, had been in the budget for a while. The building was last painted in 2014. Thielen said she thought the side of the building the painters were working on, which is in the full sun, would be the worst.

The painters will also paint the cupola on top of the building. Thielen said the town plans to have the bell removed from the cupola, mounted and displayed in front of the building.

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