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Mother’s Day Tea is a park tradition

WESTFIELD-Once a year the historic bronze doors of the Carillon Tower at Stanley Park are opened to the public for a peek inside – on Mother’s Day. 

For more than 10 years, a special Mother’s Day Tea has been celebrated at the Carillon Tower which is open to the public. There is no fee to drop by this Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m., enjoy some hot tea or iced tea and sweets.

The historic bronze doors of the Carillon Tower will be open on Sunday during a Mother’s Day Tea.

“This event is a chance for families to honor mothers and grandmothers and even great-grandmothers with a quiet day, strolling the park looking at the beautiful spring flowers, and getting a chance to see the inside of the Carillon Tower,” said Hillary McEwan, development coordinator, Stanley Park.

On Tuesday morning, McEwan opened the bronze doors to explain how the interior would be transformed in a few days with decorative tables, chairs and a host of refreshments including cookies and her homemade iced tea.

“We dress up the interior for visitors to enjoy the beautiful construction and admire the historic bronze doors and the unique stained glass windows featuring roses, foliage and wildlife,” said McEwan.

McEwan noted that the special Mother’s Day event begins with the first carillon concert of the season from 1 to 2 p.m., followed by the tea. 

“Joe Geehern is our carillon player,” said McEwan, adding he started playing the organ as a teenager at St. Mary’s Church and has been playing for 45 years. He currently plays the organ at St. Mary’s and the First United Methodist Church.

Visitors to the Carillon Tower at Stanley Park on Sunday will be able to view the Intricate stained glass windows.

“He will play a selection of religious music and some oldies songs from years gone by,” said McEwan, adding that benches are available throughout the rose garden for those who wish to stop and enjoy the concert – even though the music can be heard throughout the park.

McEwan encourages area residents to visit the park and take in all of the sights – including the Carillon Tower – which was constructed in 1949 and dedicated on June 4, 1950.

“The tower is faced with limestone  and boasts a set of beautiful bronze doors,” said McEwan. “There are 14 relief sculptures portraying various aspects of Stanley Park and Stanley Home Products, including Frank Stanley Beveridge (founder of Stanley Home Products in 1931), Catherine L. O’Brien (co-founder of Stanley Home Products), the Rose – Beveridge’s favorite flower, the Lily Pond, a picture of Beveridge’s home, the Road of Opportunity which symbolizes salespeople (a man and a woman) walking down the road of opportunity (in homage to Stanley Home Products), and the conifer tree, for the natural woodland area of Stanley Park,” said McEwan.

The historic bronze doors at the Carillon Tower at Stanley Park will be open on Sunday to the public.

The event will be conducted rain or shine.

“The Mother’s Day Tea promises to be an enjoyable afternoon for everyone in the family,” said McEwan.

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