Longmeadow sweeps cross country championships

Westfield senior Antonio Phaneuf (2276) paces the Bombers during the PVIAC cross country championships Saturday at Stanley Park. (MARC ST.ONGE/THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

WESTFIELD – The Pioneer Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference Cross Country Championship may as well have been renamed the Longmeadow Invitational.
The Longmeadow High School boys and girls cross country teams placed first in their respective 5K races last Saturday at Stanley Park. Westfield finished 14th in the boys’ race. Southwick Regional was 20th and Westfield Technical Academy was 25th.
The Southwick girls cross country team placed 14th. The Rams were followed by Westfield Technical Academy (19th) and St. Mary’s (20th).
Northampton senior Riley Cole won the boys’ race with a time of 15:37.08, well ahead of Longmeadow senior Will Cowley (16:13.74). Senior Antonio Phaneuf led Westfield, completing the race in 17:42 for a 37th place over finish.
Other notable local finishers included: Westfield’s Pratham Makonahally (74th, 18:50.81), Andre Phaneuf (96th, 19:20.83), Nicholas Krawiec (104th, 19:32.96), Liam Lynn (20:04.89), Ryan Charland (146th, 20:37.87), and Peter Stathatos (156th, 21:14.74); Southwick’s Nicholos Sikand (99th, 19:25.52), Seth Doe (110th, 19:43.68), Jess Petschke (122nd, 19:57.53), Adam Rokicki (135th, 20:15.30), Andrew Erdem (159th, 21:24.28), Zach Zastaway (161st, 21:27.57), and Anthony Avonti (169th, 21:40.36); Westfield Tech’s Carter Slack (138th, 20:16.87), Robert Crean (144th, 20:34.34), James Thibeault (155th, 21:14.18), Paul Thompson (157th, 21:20.30), Sean Cronin (21:27.51), James Coach (175th, 22:04.57), and Henry Wildman (181st, 22:27.35); and St. Mary’s Aidan Fitzgibbons (149th, 20:45.32), Connor McMahon (153rd, 20:56.03), and Maxwell Austin (208th, 28:58.46).
Ludlow senior Sofia Tulik posted a winning time in the girls’ race (6:01.2). Longmeadow sophomore Ada Grant was second (19:21.50). Southwick junior Elleigh Sanctuary (37th overall) paced her team with a 22:08.47 finish.
Other notable local finishers included: Southwick’s Kayla Crosier (45th, 22:27.06), Ruby Francis (103rd, 25:19.84), Mikayla Kudzal (109th, 25:42.88), Molly Lafayette (122nd, 26:49.81), Brenna Haley (135th, 28:20.70), Sophia Erdem (137th, 28:52.55), and Maggie McCarthy (141st, 29:31.50); St. Mary’s Emily Durkee (62nd, 22:58.65), Catie Seklecki (124th, 27:08.86), Mia Rozell (129th, 27:42.25), Julia Daley (145th, 30:42.18), and Katelyn Corriveau (146th, 30:42.72); and Westfield Technical Academy’s Kaylin Hawley (69th, 23:31.00), Ashley Metcalf (105th, 25:29.52), Morgan Chaffee (112th, 25:53.98), Ava Montovani (132nd, 27:53.01), and Merideth Ploof (152nd, 33:53.21).
Westfield’s Jasmine Hooper cracked the 10 top in the girls’ junior varsity race, finishing ninth with a time of 23:45.13.

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