Dead motorist identified

WESTFIELD – A motorist found dead after a vehicular crash near the intersection of Root Road and North Road this morning has been identified but investigators are still working to determine what happened.
Alexander Schultz, 23, of 37 Coolidge Ave., was pronounced to be deceased after he was found in a car, reportedly a Volkswagen Jetta, in a farmer’s field near the intersection.
The farmer reported about 7 a.m. that he had found the heavily damaged vehicle in his field on its roof.
The man said that he could not see inside and believed it to be unoccupied as he had been shouting in an effort to rouse any occupants.
He said that it appeared as if the car had been driving all over the field.
Both police and firefighters were dispatched and the first responding officer reports that an unresponsive person was found to be inside the vehicle.
Sgt. Paul Beebe reports that the field where the car was found is a short distance north of the intersection. He said that the vehicle “didn’t make the corner” and proceeded forward into a field where it came to rest on its roof.
McCabe said that the car had traveled about 400 feet into the field before it overturned.
Beebe said that the victim was pronounced to be deceased at the scene.
McCabe said that police are attempting to determine when the crash occurred but added that investigators’ best guess currently is that it occurred about 2 a.m.
The accident remains under investigation by officers of the department’s Traffic and Safety Bureau.

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