Municipal Light Board preview 4/3/19

Jeff Wenlsey, son of the late Jane Wensley. Jeff announced his intention to fill the Municipal Light Board seat left behind by his mother.

WESTFIELD- The Municipal Light Board will meet Wednesday night at 7 p.m. for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. To be discussed as part of the agenda are reports from the 2018 fiscal year on replacements of main lines, the number of outages for the year, and the gas service reliability benchmark report.

There is no information in the agenda about how many mains were replaced or where they were in the city. For reference, in last year’s report for 2017, 10,250 feet of cast iron pipes and 12,450 feet of bare steel pipe were replaced throughout the city. At least 81 miles of pipes have been replaced throughout the city since 1981, according to the same report.

Also on the agenda is a discussion on the criteria by which the performance of new General Manager, Tony Contrino, will be reviewed. Contrino replaced Dan Howard at the General Manager position after Howard retired in November.

On the table for discussion as well is the release of the Quarterly Powerline Publication. According to the meeting minutes from last April, the publication is delivered to ratepayers along with their bills.

There will also be a discussion on filling the vacant Ward 3 seat on the Municipal Light Board. The seat was previously held by Jane Wensley, who passed away suddenly last month. During the previousl Municipal Light Board meeting on March 20th, Jane’s son Jeff announced that he intended to run for her position. As of now, nobody else has indicated their intention to run for the position.

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