New permit for ice cream man

SOUTHWICK – The Board of Selectmen adopted a new state-mandated permit for ice cream truck vendors last night.
Police Chief Mark Krynicki told the board the state now requires all communities not only to permit ice cream trucks, but also requires fingerprints and background checks on truck employees.
“There have been some instances with sex offenders working as ice cream truck vendors,” Krynicki said regarding what sparked the new law. “You never know who is in the Ding Dong Cart.”
In addition, the permit, background check and fingerprints must be renewed annually, even if the driver is the same.
“Can the town waive that for repeat vendors?” asked Selectman Arthur Pinell.
“This is CMR 15 on the books that tells you you have to issue the permits,” Krynicki said. “It is required by the state.”
Krynicki did say that it is up to the town to set fees.
“If we only have one or two anually, I think we can handle the fingerprints without a fee,” he said.
Selectman Russell Fox asked if there could be an initial fee, followed by a discounted fee in subsequent years for a repeat vendor.
Krynicki said that was up to the town.
The board unanimously approved setting a first-year fee of $40 with a fee for repeat vendors to be determined by the current fee for hawkers and peddlers at that time.
Selectman Assistant Sondra Pendleton said the current fee is $11.

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