Gateway Water Update

HUNTINGTON – According to Wendy Long, community relations administrator for Gateway Regional School District, Gateway’s well had their first zero bacteria test last week, since the water main break on October 15.  However, the water has not yet been cleared for drinking by the Department of Environmental Protection.
Long said that Gateway continues to follow the DEP’s recommendations. Following the zero bacteria test, the water was rechlorinated on last week. Today, flushing began to get back to zero chlorination. After that, there will be another bacteria test.
“We’re hoping that we’re getting near to the end of no drinking water, because this is the first time we had a zero bacteria count. Now it must read zero chlorine before we can test again. The DEP instructed us to rechlorinate and retest. That’s where we’re at,” Long said.
“We’ve had some wonderful donations of bottled water from Stop & Shop and Costco, which has helped,” Long added.

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