Pelli survives; Pats return

Beat the Putz LogoEarlier this season, the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers tied. Despite an overtime period, the two teams were not able to settle their differences.
On Sunday, Westfield residents John Pelli and Bob Kidrick, Jr., and three others, posted 10-1 records in our weekly pro football contest, “Beat The Putz.” A tiebreaker could not determine a winner either as John and Bob chose the closest point total of 55.
In the NFL, if neither team can score, the game ends in a tie. Fortunately at The Westfield News, we have other methods of producing results. Bob and John’s entries were entered into a random drawing, and John emerged the winner. Mr. Pelli, and anyone else who still has not received their weekly prize, are welcome to come on down to our office, located at 62 School Street, and sign off on their gift certificate. Identification is required at the time of pick-up.
Anyone who has not participated in our contest thus far this season is welcome to do so. Seven weeks still remain. And for those of you who have already taken part in “Beat The Putz,” feel free to keep on playing. Practice makes perfect.
It is going to be one fantastic Sunday, capped off by two marquee late games – the Lions at Cardinals and Eagles at Packers – followed by a doozy, the Patriots at the Colts.
Good luck!

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