Police Log, August 29, 2013

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013
2:03 a.m.: assist citizen, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports he attempted to assist a female motorist with two flat tires, the officer reports the vehicle was parked at an East Main Street strip mall and the woman was provided a courtesy transport to a Franklin Street address;
9:01 a.m.: found property, Main Street, a supervisory officer reports he was approached by a citizen who advised him of hypodermic needles on the side of the road, the responding officer reports that the needles were disposed of properly;
12:10 p.m.: found property, Falley Drive, a resident came to the station to surrender a found set of Toyota keys, the responding officer reports the owner of the keys was not immediately identified and the keys were held at the station for safe keeping;
12:21 p.m.: violation of a protective order, a caller reports that the father of her child has violated an active protective order by calling her, sending text messages and contacting her on a social networking site, the responding officer reports the woman showed him texts from the suspect, the officer reports a warrant application was filed;
1:53 p.m.: breaking and entering, West Silver Street, a caller reports her garden was entered during the day and two dirt bikes were stolen, the responding officer reports the caller said that her unlocked garage was entered and two motorcycles were stolen although a third was not disturbed, the woman said she knows the dirt bikes were in the garage at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday and believes they were in place early Thursday morning;
2:11 p.m.: larceny. Mullen Avenue, a caller reports he believes his home health care provider stole his medication, the responding officer report the complainant said that he has his medication set up in a monthly container and found that they were mixed up when he took an improper selection of medications, the man said that he subsequently found that eight of his pills were missing and said that his only suspect is his health care worker;
4:10 p.m.: animal complaint, North Road, a patrol officer reports he encountered a rooster on the side of the road, the officer reports the owner was located and the rooster was returned it its coop;
4:25 p.m.: assault, Crown Street, a caller reports one youth menaced another with a knife, the responding officer reports he observed a party who fit the description of the suspect and when he approached the youth said he had discarded the knife before the officer mentioned it, a knife was found nearby, the young man said that he had been on his skateboard when he passed a person with whom he has previously had issues and words were exchanged, the suspect said that he produced the knife but did not expose the blade, the victim gave a similar account and said that the suspect had thrust the knife toward him from a distance of about 20 feet, the victim and a witness identified the suspect, a criminal complaint was filed;
4:30 p.m.: assist citizen, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., a resident came to the station and said that his mother had collected his prescription without his permission, the responding officer reports he learned that the pharmacy had notice not to deliver the prescription to anyone other that the patient but disregarded the notice when the patient’s mother said she had a court order, the officer reports the woman surrendered the medication which was returned to the complainant;
5:39 p.m.: larceny, Casimir Street, a caller reports his television and cell phone were stolen the night before, the responding officer reports the man said that he had a party in his residence with three men and three women but knows only the first name of one of the women, the man said that he left the men in his residence while he went out with the women to get alcohol and when he returned he found that his 32-inch television and his cellphone were gone as were his guests;
6:06 p.m.: animal complaint, Apremont Way, an animal control officer reports a pair of husky dogs, one male and one female, which were found at Colony Circle, were transported to the municipal animal shelter;
6:11 p.m.: disturbance, Park Square, a caller reports two male parties are fighting on the Green, the responding officer reports two teenaged boys were found with minor injuries and one said the fight started when the other called him a name, neither party wished to pursue criminal charges, the mother of one of the boy’s came to the Green and transported her son to Noble Hospital for treatment of minor injuries;
6:26 p.m.: burning complaint, Hancock Street, a caller reports neighbors are burning outside, the responding firefighters report the residents agreed to extinguish the fire, a caller at 6:50 p.m. reports the fire is still burning and the firefighters report the residents were attempting to put out the fire, the firefighters extinguished the fire;
8:05 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Little River Road, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle operating with one headlight and stopped the vehicle, the vehicle’s registration was found to be expired and it was towed;
10:44 p.m.: vandalism, Sackett Street, a caller reports someone shot BBs at her window, the responding officer reports the caller said that a living room window was holed by a BB, the caller identified a possible suspect.

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