Police Log, February 26, 2013

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013
9:13 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Marvon Apartments, 810 Southampton Road, a patrol officer reports he encountered two vehicles with registration revoked for lack of insurance, the officer reports the plates were seized from the vehicles and he was able to notify one of the owners who agreed to notify the other owner;
9:40 a.m.: emergency drill, Forth Meadow School, officers reports a ‘Code White’ exercise was staged to practice police response to an armed intruder at the school;
9:40 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Springfield Road, a traffic enforcement officer reports a traffic stop, the operator’s license was found to be expired and nonrenewable, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
9:55 a.m.: harassment, Prospect Street, a resident came to the station to complain that she has been harassed by a former boyfriend, the responding officer reports the complainant said that an abuse prevention order she had secured against a former boyfriend expired while he was incarcerated and since his recent release he has harassed her, the woman said that the suspect attempted to approach her at a bar but was prevented by the bouncer, the woman also complained that her new boyfriend has learned that the suspect has sent nude photos of her to everybody in his address book, the officer reports the suspects probation officer will be advised;
11:07 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Pleasant Street, officers reports a vehicle commonly used by a person known to have a revoked driver’s license was seen parked at a neighborhood store, the officers report the suspect was seen to enter and drive the vehicle which pulled into a driveway, the operator’s license status was confirmed, Aleksey Y. Rudenko, 25, of 22 Pleasant St., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a license revoked as an habitual traffic offender;
1:35 p.m.: breaking and entering, North Elm Street, a resident came to the station to report his apartment was broken into, the responding officer reports the complainant said that he returned home to find a glass pane in his door had been broken to gain access, the man said that he suspects a former girlfriend is responsible as the only property missing belongs to her;
6:07 p.m.: accident, East Mountain Road at Holyoke Road, a caller reports a truck has struck a viaduct, the responding officer reports the truck struck the turnpike overpass, the vehicle was removed by a heavy duty tow truck;
6:41 p.m.: robbery, Sackett Street, a community policing officer reports that a resident told him that he had been robbed by a known party, the CP officer reports the victim said that a known party had been asking to borrow money and, when he refused, the man grabbed his wallet from his hands, removed the cash and threw the wallet back at him, Anthony J. Montagna, 41, of 6 Sackett Street was arrested for unarmed robbery;
10:38 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Thomas Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle make a turn in violation of posted signs and stopped the vehicle on Thomas Street, the officer reports he saw an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and observed indications of alcohol intoxication, the operator failed field sobriety test and the officer discovered her to be in possession of an unlabeled bottle of mixed prescription medications, Amy Lynn Swol, 29, of 8 Dubois St., was arrested for operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, possession of a Class E drug, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and for a sign violation.

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