Police Log, July 21 & 22, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Saturday, July 21, 2012
7:14 p.m.: suspicious person, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he was advised by a passerby that a man had been seen climbing the fire escape at the rear of an Elm Street building, the officer reports he found an open window, the officer requested the assistance of the fire department and a ladder was used to access the window and entry was made, the apartment was found to be unoccupied and the officer was able to speak with tenant by telephone, the resident said that nobody should have been in the apartment but, by the officer’s description, nothing appeared to be missing;
10:11 p.m.: breaking and entering, Ponders Hollow Road, a caller reports that her home was broken into while she was away for a few days, the responding officer reports the caller said that she returned home to find the back door had been forcible opened and the residence had been searched, jewelry valued at about $5,000 was reported to have been stolen;
Sunday, July 22, 2012
12:17 a.m.: disturbance, Wild Flower Circle, a caller reports he was assaulted by his wife, the responding officer reports the caller said that during an argument his wife slapped him and when he retreated to his bedroom she followed and slapped him again, the man said that when he called police the woman left the residence, the officer reports he observed red marks on the man’s face for which he declined treatment, the officer reports a criminal complaint for assault and battery in a domestic relationship was filed;
1:16 a.m.: fire, Conner Avenue, a caller reports he can hear smoke detectors sounding and can smell smoke, dual response dispatched, the responding firefighters report a mattress was found to have been thrown on to a bonfire, the officer reports he spoke with residents of two apartments who each denied responsibility for the fire, one of the residents used a garden hose to extinguish the fire;
2:18 a.m.: disturbance, North Elm Street at Notre Dame Street, a caller reports a person threw a rock which smashed the windshield of his vehicle, the responding officer reports the operator said that his passenger had given chase to one of two suspects seen, a youth who did not flee denied responsibility and said his companion had thrown the rock, the occupants of the vehicle identified the suspect, the operator said that he wanted the incident documented but did not wish to pursue criminal charges;
4:05 a.m.: breaking and entering, Furrow St., a caller reports his residence was entered and a computer was stolen, the responding officer reports the victim said that about 4 a.m. he was awoken by his barking dog and he investigated to find that a sliding glass door which had been unlocked was open, the victim said hat a laptop computer and a purse were found to have been stolen;
10:00 a.m.: larceny, The Willows Apartments, 19 Lockhouse Road, a caller reports his wallet is missing and his credit cards were used, the responding officer reports caller said that he left his wallet atop his vehicle on Friday and he has found that his credit cards were used for about $400, the case was referred to the detective bureau;
10:29 a.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a resident came to the station to report that his bicycle valued at $1,500 was stolen from a Springfield Road parking lot Saturday, the responding officer reports the man said that between 10:30-11 p.m. the bicycle was stolen from the rack on his vehicle while it was parked at a Springfield Road department store;
2:33 p.m.: breaking and entering, Montgomery Road, a caller reports that her sister entered her apartment and stole her kitten and other property, the responding officer reports the caller said that she has been having ongoing issues with her sister and on Saturday her residence was entered and the cat and makeup valued at about $20 were stolen, the woman said her sister had been seen by a neighbor, the officer spoke with the woman’s neighbor who said that a vehicle had been seen in the driveway for about 20 minutes and a group of persons including the resident’s sister were seen in the driveway;
3:45 p.m.: assist citizen, Washington House, 16 Washington St., a patrol officer reports he learned that a man had been locked out of his apartment, the officer reports the man’s identity was confirmed and entry was made on his behalf;
4:26 p.m.: fire, Southampton Road, a patrol officer reports he observed mulch burning under a restaurant’s sign, the responding firefighters report that the mulch was apparently ignited by a carelessly discarded cigarette, the fire was extinguished;
4:37 p.m.: officer wanted, Stanley Park, 400 Western Ave., a caller from the park requests an officer to review damage at the park, the responding officer reports the caller showed him where an identified vehicle which had been locked inside the park drove over a retaining wall and damaged it, the officer spoke with the registered owner who said that the vehicle had been operated by his daughter, the operator said that she was unaware of damage and would speak with park officials;
7:15 p.m.: trespassing, Pochassic Road, at Pinewood Lane, a caller from the railroad reports a gathering of youths on the railroad tracks near the intersection of Pochassic Road and Pinewood Lane, the responding officer reports he found 25-30 person fishing and swimming, all parties were advised of the trespassing ordinances and left the area without incident;
8:50 p.m.: animal complaint, Elm Street, a caller reports a bat is in his apartment so he and his fiancé have locked themselves in the bedroom, the man called back a short time late to reports he has locked himself out of his apartment because there may be more than one bat, the officer reports an animal control officer inspected the apartment with the landlord and no bats were found;
11:46 p.m.: trespassing, Half Mile Falls Park, a dispatcher reports security monitors showed persons in the park, the responding officer reports the parties were advised of the applicable city ordinance and left the park without incident.

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