Police Log, July 24 & 25, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
11:22 a.m.: breaking and entering, Hancock Street, a caller reports his vehicle was broken into;
11:41 a.m.: vandalism, Sackett Road, a caller reports vandalism to a vehicle, the responding officer reports the caller showed him two tires on a mobile home which he said had been slashed between July 17-23;
1:00 p.m.: animal complaint, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont way, a resident came to the shelter to surrender a black Labrador retriever dog he found tied to the porch of his residence;
1:55 p.m.: fraud, Mechanic Street, a resident came to the station to report she was defrauded, the responding officer reports the complainant said that she had been referred to a possible job after graduating from a tractor trailer driving school and she sent her putative new employer more than $300 to cover costs of getting the truck she was supposed to drive to her but the truck was not delivered and she is no longer able to contact the company which she thought had hired her, the woman said that the person who referred her to the bogus company reimbursed her for her loss;
5:53 p.m.: disturbance, Russell Road, a caller reports he was assaulted by a tree contractor, the responding officer reports he was told the caller and the contractor became engaged in an altercation stemming from the tree work and both parties claim the other assaulted him but neither wish to pursue criminal charges;
6:34 p.m.: larceny, Mechanic Street, a caller reports his bike was stolen, the responding officer reports the caller said that the bike valued at $1,400 was stolen form his porch between 5:45 and 6:30 p.m.:
8:29 p.m.: arrest, North Elm Street, a Pochassic Street resident was served a “no trespassing” order for a local gas station and convenience store and officers report the man was subsequently seen on his bicycle heading toward to the store, the officer reports the man arrived that the store but fled when he saw the waiting officer, the man was found in the immediate area, Jacob M. Samborski, 23, of 37 Pochassic St., was arrested for trespass;
9:59 p.m.: breaking and entering, Springfield Road, a caller reports his vehicle was broken into and property was stolen while he was working, the responding officer reports the victim said that he parked his car about 4:30 p.m. and at 9:30 p.m. found that CDs, an MP3 player and a GPS device had been stolen, there were no signs of forcible entry;
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
10:28 a.m.: larceny, Pochassic Street, a resident came to the station to report fraudulent use of her credit card, the responding officer reports that the caller said her card was stolen from her purse and multiple charges have been made on-line;
11:49 a.m.: officer wanted, Parkside Avenue, a caller from a credit union reports that a customer’s deposit envelope fell from an ATM and another person picked it up, the responding officer reports the caller said that a customer did not realize that a deposit envelope was ejected from the ATM and fell to the ground, the next customer was seen on security monitors to pick up the envelope, the community policing officer for the area recognized the man seen on the video and the officer spoke with him, the man surrendered the sealed deposit envelope and said that he had not had an opportunity when the credit union was open to return it;
2:34 p.m.: fraud, Broad Street, a caller from a Broad Street bank reports a fraudulent check was cashed at the bank, the responding officer reports the bank manager said that she had received a message from a colleague at an Agawam branch of the bank about bogus checks which had resulted in an arrest in Agawam, the manager said that a similar check was discovered to have been cashed at the Westfield branch;
2:40 p.m.: harassment, Wilson Avenue, a resident came to the station to report she is being harassed, the woman said that she is being harassed by a neighbor and believes the harassment is instigated by her landlord because she was successful in a recent court action against the landlord, the woman was advised of the necessary records to document a case of harassment;
3:13 p.m.: fire, Orange Street, a caller reports white smoke coming form an Orange Street residence, the responding firefighters reports nobody was home and entry was made to find food left on the stove was burning, the smoke was ventilated from the house;
7:45 p.m.: breaking and entering, Birch Lane, a caller reports his house was broken into, the responding officer reports the caller said that he left about 6:30 a.m. and returned about 4 p.m. to find his garage door open and a window in the door smashed, the man said that a sheet metal brake and a roll of aluminum were found to have been stolen but other valuable tools were not taken;
7:59 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Southampton Road, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the operator was found to be unlicensed, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
8:40 p.m.: suspicious person, South Broad Street, a caller reports a male party appears to be breaking into vehicles, the responding officer reports the caller said that a man who had been seen trying the doors of parked vehicle went behind a building, a witness identified the suspect who was found in the area, vehicles the man had been seen with were found to have been scratched, David James Mitchell, 30, of Broad Street, was arrested for malicious damage to a motor vehicle;
9:25 p.m.: found property, Holyoke Road, a caller reports a bicycle has apparently been abandoned on church grounds, the responding officer reports a decrepit bicycle with two flat tires was transported to the station for safe keeping;
11:14 p.m.: breaking and entering, Henry’s Trailer Park, a caller reports a break in, the responding officer reports the resident said that a known person had broken into his trailer and had stolen a laptop computer, the caller showed the officer where forcible entry was gained.

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