Police Log, November 21, 2013

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013
2:29 a.m.: disturbance, East Mountain Road, a caller reports she was assaulted by her boyfriend, the responding officer reports the complainant said that she had been at a Holyoke bar with her boyfriend and an argument developed, the woman said that she left while he was in the bathroom and drove for a time before she parked at the shopping center on North Road, the woman said that the man spotted her vehicle and she fled from him and eventually attempted to hide her vehicle behind a house in an unfamiliar area, the man found the woman and smashed her windows with a crow bar while she was inside, the man fled and officers were unable to locate him but Holyoke police found the suspect and arrested him on behalf of city police, the man was transferred to court for arraignment;
4:45 a.m.: assist other police department, Springfield Road, West Springfield police report a suspect who allegedly fled from an accident in their city is in the Springfield Road lay-by near the border between the two cities, the responding officer reports the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard and the operator was provided a courtesy transport to a bus stop in a secure area;
8:19 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Court Street, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the vehicle’s out-of-state registration was found to be expired, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
9:33 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Southampton Road, a patrol officer reports he checked a vehicle parked at a Southampton Road bar and observed what appeared to be a bloody handprint on a window, a responding detective reports the owner of the vehicle subsequently called the police department to inquire if an officer wanted to speak with him, the detective reports the man said that he had left his vehicle at the bar the night before because he had not thought it was safe for him to drive, the man said that the apparent bloody handprint in the window was intentionally applied by a friend about a year earlier;
12:22 p.m.: assist citizen, Hillside Road, a landlord came to the station to request an officer to assist him when he inspects a rental property because the tenant has been violent in the past, the responding officer reports the peace was kept;
2:13 p.m.: assist citizen, Main Street, a caller requests an officer to serve a ‘No trespassing’ order, the responding officer reports two persons found at the apartment in violation of the tenant’s lease agreement were served ‘No trespassing’ orders;
4:20 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Main Street, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the vehicle’s registration was found to be expired and it was towed to the police impound yard;
5:29 p.m.: disturbance, Church Street, a caller who had previously reported that a known party had stolen her headphones reports the suspect has returned to her home and an altercation has developed about the alleged theft, the responding officer reports the head phones were returned and no charges were filed;
7:14 p.m.: abnormal behavior, Monroe Street, a caller reports a female visitor who he does not know engaged in an argument with herself and threatened to jump out of a third floor window before she left his residence, the responding officer reports that the woman was located on Main Street and verbally identified herself, the officer reports the woman was found to be the subject of an outstanding warrant in her real name, Billie S. Clark, 32, of 15 Monroe St., was arrested on the warrant;
8:00 p.m.: disturbance, Springfield Road, a caller reports a group of male youths are creating a disturbance at a Springfield Road department store, the responding officer reports three persons were served ‘No trespassing’ orders in hand and an order was mailed to a fourth subject;
8:33 p.m.: larceny, Main Street, a caller from a Main Street supermarket reports a shoplifter in the store, the responding officer reports that the suspect was identified but the store management declined to take action, the officer reports eh spoke with suspect at his home and he admitted taking some food items, the man was advised not to steal again.

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