Police Log, Oct. 19, 2014

Emergency response and crime report
Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014
12:58 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, a patrol officer reports that while dealing with an unrelated matter on Shepard Street he heard a vehicular engine approaching and soon saw a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed, the officer reports that another officer in the street signaled for the approaching vehicle to halt but it did not and almost struck the officer in the street before swerving toward the reporting officer who had to jump out of the way, the officer gave pursuit and caught up to the fleeing Jeep near Lloyds Hill where he activated his cruiser’s lights and siren but the vehicle did not stop and was seen traveling on Kensington Avenue at speeds approaching 65 mph, the officer pursued the vehicle until it pulled into a driveway on Park River Drive where the officer approached with his service weapon in his hand and ordered the operator from the vehicle, the man said that his license was suspended and a routine check revealed him to the subject of an outstanding warrant, Dean C. Zorzi, 49, of 8 Park River Drive, was arrested for failure to stop for police, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license (a subsequent offense), speeding, a marked lanes violation and on the warrant;
1:26 a.m.: assist other police department, Westfield State University, Western Avenue, WSU police request the use of a cell for a prisoner, a cell monitor was provided;
5:15 a.m.: larceny, Pearl Street, a resident reports via the online reporting option that Halloween decorations were stolen, the complainant reported that between 2 a.m. and 4:45 a.m. an inflatable trio of ghosts and a skeleton were stolen;
7:17 a.m.: vandalism, Summer Street, a caller reports that her vehicle was vandalized overnight and a tire was slashed, the responding officer reports that the caller said that her tire had been intact at 3:30 p.m. but was found to be flat in the morning when shoe prints were found on the hood, the complainant said that the tire had been slashed but the officer reports that no puncture was found;
10:10 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street, a traffic bureau officer reports he observed a vehicle operating without a valid inspection sticker and stopped the car, the operator’s license was found to be expired, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard and a criminal complaint was filed;
10:17 a.m.: boat inspection, Hampton Ponds boat ramp, Long Pond Road, a patrol officer reports a boat seen at the ramp a week earlier is still there and apparently abandoned, the boat was transported to the police impound yard;
11:28 a.m.: found property, rail trail, Shaker Road, a caller reports a bicycle and a cooler have been on the side of the trail for at least 24 hours, the items were transported to the station for safekeeping;
12:37 p.m.: breaking and entering, Mechanic Street, a caller reports an apartment building owned by a relative was broken into and vandalized, the responding officer reports the caller said that the front door was forcibly opened and 12 holes were found in new sheet rock walls, the man said that the building is vacant and was last known to be intact in August;
1:20 p.m.: found property, Russell Road, a resident brought a bicycle which was left in his yard to the station, the bike was stored for safekeeping;
1:42 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street, a traffic bureau officer reports a routine check revealed that the registration of a vehicle seen operating in traffic had been revoked for lack of insurance, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard and a criminal complaint was filed;
1:58 p.m.: animal complaint, Little River Road, a caller reports skunk is foaming at the mouth and walking in circles, the responding officer reports that the skunk was deceased upon his arrival and the resident was advised to dispose of the carcass;
2:30 p.m.: animal complaint, Heggie Drive, a caller reports taking custody of an exotic bird, the caller said that he would keep the bird until an animal control officer responds, the ACO was advised;
3:12 p.m.; found property, Main Street, a person came to the station to surrender a wallet found in a Main Street a parking lot, the responding officer reports that no contact information for the owner was found but a message was left for him at his workplace, the wallet was stored for safekeeping;
9:11 p.m.: noise complaint, Simmons Brook Drive, a caller reports a neighbor is hammering and disturbing his peace, the responding officer reports that a resident was not hammering when he arrived but was completing a door installation, the man was advised to be considerate of his neighbors and finish such work before dark.

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