Police Log, Sept. 17, 2014

Emergency response and crime report
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014
6:33 a.m.: found property, East Main Street, a Holyoke resident came to the station to surrender two identifications cards he found, the owner of the cards could not be immediately contacted and they were stored for safekeeping;
9:51 a.m.: accident, Granville Road, multiple callers report a single vehicle crash, the responding officer reports a youthful operator said that his vehicle drifted off the road and struck a tree causing it to roll over but he was not injured;
10:40 a.m.: South Maple Street, a caller reports that two male parties stole a cement mixer from the bed of his pickup truck, a detail officer reports seeing the described vehicle and stopped in on East Main Street, the owner of the cement mixer went to the scene of the traffic stop and identified the cement mixer but said that he did not wish to pursue criminal charges as he did not want to take time off from work to testify if the case went to court, the officer reports the victim was happy to recover his property;
12:37 p.m.: animal complaint, East Mountain Road, a caller reports a black and white dog ran into his vehicle’s path while he was operating on East Mountain Road and he struck it with his vehicle, the man said that the dog got up, fled, and he was unable to locate the dog, the caller asked that the incident be documented;
4:23 p.m.: larceny, North Elm Street, a caller reports an employee has been stealing money from the store, the responding officer report the store management declined to pursue criminal charges and asked only for assistance serving the suspect with a ‘No trespassing’ order;
5:14 p.m.: disturbance, Main Street, a caller from a fast food restaurant reports that a customer who appears to be inebriated apparently believes that something was stolen from him in the restaurant, the responding officer reports that the intoxicated man claimed that his backpack was stolen but a review of the store’s security video showed him enter the restaurant without a backpack, the man was deemed to be too intoxicated to care for himself and he was placed in protective custody;
5:23 p.m.: larceny, Woodsong Road, resident came to the station to report that a registration plate was stolen from his car, the responding officer reports that the victim does not known exactly when or where the plate was taken;
5:24 p.m.: fraud, Main Street, a bank representative reports that a counterfeit check was discovered at the bank, the case was referred to the financial crimes unit of the Detective Bureau;
9:50 p.m.: found property, Lewis Street, a patrol officer reports he was flagged down by a Good Samaritan who surrendered a found wallet, the officer reports a message was left for the owner to claim his wallet at the police department;
9:58 p.m.: disturbance, Southwick Road, a caller reports he received a garbled text message from his girlfriend, see story in the Friday edition of The Westfield News.

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