Police Log, September 18, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012
7:01 a.m.: suspicious person, Montgomery Road, multiple caller reports a that a male party walking on Montgomery Road is carrying what may be a rifle, an officer reports that he found the subject of the calls at a Southampton Road restaurant who was in possession of a paint ball gun which he said he was taking to his workplace so he could calibrate it during his work break;
1:27 p.m.: assist citizen, North Road, officers were detailed to escort a woman as she retrieved property at her former address, the officers report the woman gathered her possessions without incident;
2:13 p.m.: found property, North Road, a residence came to the station with a stuffed and mounted tableau featuring a fisher cat and a squirrel, the responding officer reports the man said that the item was found in bushes near North Road the day before, the officer reports the taxidermy is in good condition was held pending an effort to find the owner;
5:06 p.m.: assist citizen, East Main Street, a caller reports a two-year-old child is locked inside a car, the responding firefighters report entry was gained;
7:21 p.m.: weather complaint, Montgomery Road, a caller reports a tree is down across the roadway, the DPW was notified and dispatched a crew;
7:33 p.m.: weather complaint, Henry’s Trailer Park, 868 Southampton Road, a caller reports a loud explosion with sparks, the responding firefighters reports a live wire fell on the roof, although light smoke was found and removed from the evacuated trailer an exhaustive search revealed no fire or sources of heat, the appliances were functioning normally, the G&E responded to remove the wire and deal with the problem it caused;
7:34 p.m.: weather complaint, Holyoke Road, a caller reports a tree is down across the roadway, the responding officer reports the DPW is needed to remove a large limb, the DPW crew arrived to remove the branch and debris;
7:53 p.m.: weather complaint, Arch Road at Lockhouse Road, a caller reports a tree is down across the roadway, the responding officer reports the tree is too large for him to move, the DPW was notified and dispatched a crew;
10:52 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Main Street, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the operator’s license was found to have been revoked, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
11:30 p.m.: flooding, Springfield Road at East Mountain Road, a caller reports a disabled vehicle under the railroad overpass, the responding officer reports no vehicle was found but the underpass was flooded and barriers were placed on both sides, officers checked the level and at 4 a.m. found it still to deep for vehicles to pass, at 5:15 a.m. the DPW was notified to dispatch a crew to clear the drains.

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