Police resume search of Lake Congamond

SOUTHWICK- The Southwick Police are resumed their search of Lake Congamond Thursday morning after having spent much of Wednesday scouring the lake with other agencies. 

The search began Wednesday morning after police received a report that an empty kayak was floating in the lake with a paddle and life jacket inside.

Police Chief Kevin Bishop said Thursday morning that crews were grouping up to continue searching. He said Wednesday evening that a vehicle not belonging to any active boaters on the lake was discovered parked on one of the boat ramps. Police are searching the lake with the assumption that the vehicle and the kayak belong to the same individual. 

Bishop said that the family of the vehicle owner was contacted Wednesday and confirmed that one family member was unaccounted for. The individual was still unaccounted for Thursday morning. 

The Southwick Fire Department, the State Police Air Wing, Environmental Police officers, and State Police divers were assisting in the search

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