PulseLine, July 30, 2012

Although the 14 yr. old young lady may not feel fortunate to have been at home when two thieves broke into her Southwick home, the rest of us local residents are very lucky. The situation worked in our favor. Whose home would have been next had they not be apprehended? I hope she is able to overcome what must have been a very traumatic experience.

This message is to the person who wrote in the Thursday pulse line about the Dog Bark article being on the front page. Because we hear all the gruesome news on every TV station, it is nice to hear about something positive going on in our City. Also. This is a LOCAL paper; we should be reading LOCAL news. Thank You, Mr. Berry. Also. The individual who wrote this entry has probably never volunteered for anything. Instead of sitting in front of the TV watching all the bad news, why don’t you visit the Westfield Animal Shelter and see the dogs; who no fault of their own; have ended up there. There are many dedicated volunteers who go there every day and walk the dogs. Dogs LOVE to be walked. The group who is working on the Dog Bark Park spends many hours toward their dream and the City is to be applauded for working with them. All the dogs and their two-legged companions are waiting patiently for this to happen.

Did the Westfield News ever print whom the cop was that shot and killed that guy downtown a while back? I must’ve missed it or it was never released. Was it released and I missed it or for some reason is it being withheld? Please respond. Thank you.

This is in regards to St Mary’s Cemetery: I go to the cemetery at least 3-4 times a week and I am disgusted that there are so many plants that are not being taken care of by family members. They are put there in May — and what do they think, that Mother Nature is going to take care of them? There are so many dried and dead flowers. If you can’t take care of what you place there, and think you’re doing a good deed by putting flowers on your family’s grave, then don’t do so. It looks worse to see dead flowers than not having anything at all. It takes me longer to water plants, because I feel sorry for the deceased and I take care of their flowers as well. Also, besides digging graves, what else do the groundskeepers do there? The roads are in such disrepair; there are BIG holes on the sides of the road and in the middle. There are many gravestones that have toppled over that have not been up righted. There is also a rotten tree in the back that should be taken down. I’m not going to call St Mary’s; they should know these things already.

This is response to calling the police department regarding underage children being out late at night and up to no good. Your advice was to call the chief of police and let them know what was going on. For your information, it’s a waste of time to call them, because I have asked for years to have our area patrolled because of illegal activity. But yet, no police officers show up. How are you supposed to have crime prevention if the police are more interested in being nose-to-tail at nighttime than being on patrol? And the other excuse is, it took them too damned long to get there. How are you supposed to stop all the home and vehicle break-ins if you’re too busy talking to your buddies?

It’s endlessly entertaining the idiocy that folks spew onto this forum. People are against a parking garage because they can’t justify the cost. They want to see shops and customers before investing in such infrastructure. This mode of thinking is nothing short of asinine. Part of the struggle downtown businesses lived and died with was due to a lack of convenient parking. To think that new sidewalks are all folks need to be coaxed into venturing downtown is insulting to the people of Westfield. You can’t put the cart before the horse. At best, parking and new vendors can come at the same time. We must study and acknowledge what was failing before and not make the same mistakes again. That being said, the new downtown is looking amazing. It’s been great to see people walking through Park Square and enjoying the long awaited space. Great work everyone!

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