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“Thank-Goodness-It’s-Friday” Pancake Breakfast

The “Friends of the Westfield Senior Center” recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.   The group was formed last year to provide enhancements to the programs and activities of the Westfield Senior Center through fundraising, advocacy, and facility improvement.  Their initial goal is to raise $500,000 to furnish the new Senior Center.  At the group’s first annual meeting in June, Board members reviewed the short history of the organization, the establishment of non-profit status, membership, finances, and their first two fundraising endeavors.  Currently the membership is 135 and growing steadily each week.  Their next fundraising event is right around the corner.
The Friends of the Westfield Senior Center invite you to join them at an old-fashioned summertime Pancake Breakfast to be held at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 60 Broad Street on Friday, August 3 from 7:30 to 10 a.m.  Tickets are $5 and may be purchased at the Westfield Senior Center, 40 Main Street and at Keenan Law Offices, 48 Elm Street, Suite 3.  Members of the Friends group envision a morning of delicious food, lots of smiles, and good conversation among friends and relatives.  The idea is bring a bit of the Senior Center atmosphere to the Westfield public.
We have learned at the Council On Aging that a good meal in a social environment can satisfy both the physical and emotional needs of participants.  Dining with others promotes conversation, camaraderie, support, and friendship.  The connectedness provides relief from stress, loneliness, social isolation, and feelings of depression.  In addition, engaging with others improves cognitive function.  Discussion around the Senior Center tables is often about the latest news in Westfield, public policy, social issues, sports, and finances.  We generally have music on in the background and we’ve been known to belt out a tune or trip the light fantastic if the mood strikes us.  We strive to create a warm, inviting, fun-filled, and supportive environment.
Please join the Friends of the Westfield Senior Center at the group’s first annual Pancake Breakfast as that wonderful atmosphere is recreated at St. John’s Fellowship Hall.  Enjoy a hearty breakfast without the fuss of preparing it yourself.  Invite a neighbor, friend, coworker, or relative.  Make it an intergenerational event because there is no charge for children under five years old.  Just as we do at the Westfield Senior Center, take some time to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances while meeting new and interesting people at the very same time.

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