PulseLine: $500k for a playground

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Where is the public outrage about the city of Westfield spending $500,000? Oh wait, it’s for the handful of handicapped kids in the city so it must be ok. Seriously? What is wrong with people? I’m all for giving handicapped kids a place to play because all kids deserve to be kids and have fun. But HALF A MILLION DOLLARS? Some idiots in this city were clamoring for the heads of those in elected office for spending less than $200,000 for pickleball courts that are used constantly all week long by dozens of people rather than fill in potholes. I’m sorry but the residents of this city have their priorities mixed up. In total, the handicapped playground will cost more than $900,000 with $500k of it coming out of our local coffers. I’ll say it again, seriously? We can’t modify one of the many playgrounds already in the city to accommodate disabled kids for just a couple hundred grand? It has to be almost A MILLION DOLLARS? There should be some oversight about return on investment. What is the per kid cost of this playground? If there are 25 handicapped kids in Westfield that’s $36,000 per kid for this playground. Think people. Oh wait…it’s an election year and no one wants to go against handicapped kids while trying to get elected.

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