PulseLine, June 20, 2013

Please be advised that Governor Deval L. Patrick has ordered the United States flag and the Commonwealth flag be lowered to half-staff at all state buildings from sunrise until sunset on Saturday, June 22, 2013 in honor of PFC Christopher P. Dona of Dudley who died on June 13, 2013. Note: The Commonwealth flag to remain at half-staff until sunset on Monday, July 8, 2013. This gubernatorial order applies to: 1. The main or administration building of each public institution of the Commonwealth, e.g. town and city halls. 2. Other state-owned or state-controlled buildings. 3. All state military installations.

And now for the fair and equal time rebuttal to the overtly Ed Markey campaign ad thinly disguised as a “letter to the editor” printed on Tuesday,June 18,-Yes we do have a clear choice, more of the “same old same old good old boy politics as usual lifetime professional stuff my pockets til I retire liberal democrat”that have already outlawed and taxed the Commonwealth to the point of ruin,or a true American hero, ex navy seal and pilot Gabriel Gomez.This is an election where a tired old professional politician with proven failed goals and ideals is running against a,progressive, energetic young Latino with honest ideas for real change, and we should be seeing more support and backing from ethnic groups in this respect.If not, then we shall surely see more of the ruinous tax and spend liberalism that has already gutted the Commonwealth, causing us to lose so many jobs and citizens due to these feel good liberals banning, outlawing, and taxing everything to raise capital, then tossing it away freely on nonsensical ideas and policies.This is frustratingly sickening to watch time and time again.Mr. Markey stands for nearly everything I detest, an abortion should not be as easy to get as a pulled tooth,an assault weapons ban will ultimately lead to armed rebellion, we need an oil pipeline and we need our own oil from Alaska to ween us off foreign oil dependency.As for the typically democratic scare tactic of scaring the elderly by constantly claiming the other candidate is going to cut your social security,has Markey honestly nothing better to offer than more of the same old tired scare tactics and negative campaign ads instead of speaking on the issues? They pull that one out in every election, are you gullible enough to believe it again? This is Markeys smokescreen to cover the fact of what he truly is,a rich politics as usual good old boy lifetime politician, he is not his own man but just another typical Obama leftist liberal.We deserve better, someone new deserves a chance to lead,and with his service record to his country, what does Markey have to compare to Gomez? Obama and his cronies like Markey are the problem, not the solution. We need Gomez for stability,we need to stop this slide into the abyss. -I know who I’m voting for on Tuesday,June25, and it most definitely will NOT be Markey.

Hi! Yeah, I just witnessed the biggest injustice I’ve ever seen by the Westfield Police Department, where a police officer, on duty, told a tenant in their apartment that they could not enter their apartment no more or he would get a trespass order against them. Funny thing is, the housing law for Massachusetts states the only person that can tell a tenant to move out of their apartment is not a police officer, a sheriff but the court and the judge. The judge is the only one that do and this police officer overextended his authority by, you know, forcing this person to leave their home. Let’s train our cops a little bit better because let me tell you something guys: you don’t know the whole law. You might know some police law but you don’t know housing law and it was a big injustice today. Hope your superiors realize this, read this paper and maybe they’ll retrain you monkeys.  We believe you are right when you say that a police officer has no authority to bar a person access to his or her own home unless a protective order is in force or an eviction process has been completed. A supervisory police officer we consulted points out that a person cannot trespass on his or her own home, so while an officer could enforce a protective, eviction or other court order, an officer could not initiate a ‘No trespassing’ order barring the subject of the order from his or her home. The scenario you report seems incredible and The Westfield News would like to know the details if you can provide them by calling us in the newsroom at 562-4181.

Pulseline, I was at the graduation for the vocational school last week and I am concerned about something. A person in front of me told the person he was with that he was a teacher at the school. The teacher said the school had taken in over 140 freshman for this graduating class. After looking at the pictures and graduate list in the Westfield News I counted only 89 graduates. Can someone tell the taxpayers of this city where the other 51 went? I think someone should look into this school before we spend so much money for teachers and programs. One program had 4 graduates, one program had 5 and one program had only 2 graduates. To me this seems like a waste of taxpayer money to have these expensive teachers all year teaching two students. No wonder our school system is being graded as under standards. If the mayor and superintendent of schools can justify paying all the money teachers get, they shouldn’t cry about budgets. We are not getting the most bang for our buck and our children are not being educated if this is the best they can do. Why are 51 kids not graduating? I thought they were supposed to learn a trade up there whatever their ability so they can make a living instead of going to college. Can’t those teachers teach more than just two in a class? The three programs with just 2, 4 and 5 graduates should be eliminated either because the teachers can’t do their job or the program isn’t popular enough to continue. The 40 percent loss of a graduating class is just not acceptable. Please see Peter Francis’ story from yesterday’s Westfield News: Voc-Tech behind the numbers.

Regarding Corey and the Knightsmen playing at the fireworks: I think they’re great and the person who doesn’t like them – don’t go to the fireworks.

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