PulseLine, November 19, 2012

I would like to thank Paul Cesan for sticking his neck out and letting us know what is going on behind the closed door of Southwick Town Hall. I read his letter to the editor and seems like the more he looks the more he finds. I have known Paul for a few years now and he is a straight shooter, no messin’ around with this guy. I cannot believe that one of the selectman called him a coward. I would like a response from the selectman that called him that, in other words why would you do that to a taxpayer after he has left the meeting? All right he caught you not complying with the law and filed some complaints, but he went to you in person and not behind your back, that’s COURAGE not cowardly. I would also like to know why Karl Steinhart is not complying with the law and making sure the minutes are done when they are suppose to be? This seems pretty easy and they are getting paid extra to do this. Why is the town not complying with the law and getting the Freedom of Information done in 10 days? I checked the law it is 10 DAYS I believe earth days. These are minutes from 2010 not ten minutes ago. I would just like to say Paul and Tracy keep going! I know you can find more if you just keep looking. I would like to encourage my fellow Southwick citizens to get the courage to come forward and stand up as these two fine Americans have and be heard and counted. If you see something or know something call them and let them know what you know. Thank you PulseLine at least I have a place to let off steam.

The Westfield food bank is getting many donations from the food stores and other merchants collecting cash to get food for the hungry. As one of those that take advantage of the food bank and many of my friends that get free food from the food bank on Meadow St. we would like to encourage more giving so we can continue our leisurely life style and avoid looking for a job. On behalf of us all I would like to say thanks, suckers. Happy Holidays to you, as well, sir.

Thank God for PulseLine, I too am a taxpayer in Westfield and have been reading your PulseLine stories about all the problems the school bus drivers are encountering. I must say that I am inclined to believe the bus drivers because only a few years ago I also was a school bus driver for the City of Westfield and also had issues with the Transportation Director who oversees all the school bus routes and also the school bus drivers. The Transportation Director has been granted way too much power over the school bus drivers. I was reading one of the many PulseLine stories pertaining to this issue and the one dated November 14, 2012, was an excellent article pertaining to the school bus drivers. I love the part where the Superintendent of Schools inserted a quick little reference below the article telling the public if you have questions feel free to call the School Department. Good luck with that call! The School Department will screen and take only calls from a demanding parent because they do not like confrontation with the public but will not take calls from a professional school bus driver who is actually working for them. The Superintendent of Schools will again tell you we do not hire the school bus drivers and contract out to Lecrenski Brothers Transportation which is true except the transportation company has no say in any matter when it comes to removal or termination. The Transportation Director again has all say in this matter as to who drives and who cannot drive. Unfortunately Lecrenski Brothers Transportation has no say in their dismissal but they are the ones that have to hire a new driver and fully train that driver with all the necessary credentials to be school bus driver at a great expense only to have the Transportation Director reject the school bus driver for any reason she feels fit. I again have to question as to why the School Department will not communicate with school bus drivers and only to the public. I also feel the School Department should conduct themselves in a more professional manner when it comes to reprimanding a driver if the driver should have an unfortunate incident on their school bus. There should be policies in place as to the disciplinary action taken to the bus driver and the driver definitely should be able to explain his or her side of the story and not just take the word of the parent or teacher and especially a student who could easily make up a story to get the driver removed because the student may have been written up in the past. I don’t want to sound that I am against teachers at all because they are part of the core to the children’s education but we all have seen from the news media that there are teachers out in the classrooms that conduct themselves unprofessionally and yet they are still teaching and also have the right to be able to go before a review board and explain what might have occurred in his or her classroom before they are terminated. What is the difference between the bus driver’s rights and the teacher’s rights? You are sending the wrong message to your school bus drivers in the City of Westfield! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION? THANK YOU.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if anybody else in Westfield notices but the new town green down there – there seems to be a lot of lights missing. They have some poles but they don’t have the fixtures. Hope we didn’t pay that contractor off in full right now. We’re not going to get him.

Seeing the cost of the paper is going up, as everything does, then I would assume the salary paid to the delivery people would also go up. Ten cents a paper for home delivery is a little ridiculous.

I would just like to know what is with the people of Westfield. Picking on the small business people trying to support this community. If someone is rude go somewhere else. Instead of questioning the if ands or buts of a business, go buy some stuff and help support them to help support your community. Is it so much easier to be negative, act negative then it is to be positive and help???? What happen to our sense of community togetherness, help your neighbor? Come on people lets get it together and help support community!!!!!

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