PulseLine, October 13, 2012

I think part of the turnpike problem on exit 3 Westfield backing up is because of the lights at Arch Road and North Elm Street on top of Clay Hill. Remove these lights and you won’t have the backup you see now.

Now that plans are moving right along to build a new senior center on Noble Street on Mary Noble’s property, does anyone know where the stained glass windows are that were on her house?

For all you supporters of the woman now wanting to be the senator from Massachusetts and feel that her little harmless lie about her background is no big deal, I suggest you think about the people that have been infected with something that may kill them because of another little lie. Annie D. got a job in that lab because she deceived everyone about her background. Now the media admits that the senate candidate Warren has NO Native American background. Murphy’s Law…? What could go wrong?

I think everyone on the City Council should be ashamed of themselves. They shirked their responsibility and now they’re letting the mayor make the decision to appoint a new councilman. Don’t they realize he’s just going to put in a buddy of his? That’s the way this man operates. Thank you.

Hi. There’s a silver bracelet that was found in City Hall listed in your Lost and Found and I was just wondering if it was a Pandora bracelet that my daughter lost. If you could, please pass this number along, 568-5124. Thank you.

Don’t you just love it when you hear a political commentator say about a politician that they “gave up their whole life for public service?” Believe me, this was to benefit them. They had a job, a wonderful retirement and health plan, and a good salary. And this is what’s called “giving up your life” for public service? This is just to make a place for you when you retire.

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