PulseLine, October 9, 2012

Think about it… In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to pass on the right on a single lane highway even if the vehicle in front of you is stopped to make a left hand turn. You cannot pass that car on the right. If he pulls over to his left and crosses that yellow line even an inch or two to let you pass on the right and he gets hit, it’s his fault for crossing the solid line. I’ve seen it happening in the town of Southwick more and more. There’s going to be a terrible accident someday especially at the corner of Route 57 and South Longyard, where Pioneer Dairy used to be. I don’t care if it’s an intersection or not. Is your life worth nothing that you can’t wait 10 seconds for the driver ahead of you to make his left turn?

I’m not surprised to see that the councilors didn’t show up for the special meeting. For the one’s that didn’t it makes it obvious that they are the “yes” men. And, Keefe, you are probably the biggest one. You should start coming up with your own ideas and functions and you might be able to go further in politics. That’s my view from the couch.

I have always been told every since I was old enough to vote to make sure that you do so because one vote can make a difference. Not here in Westfield apparently.

I’m calling in response to the 23-year-old person who called in saying he quit his job so that he can get all the free benefit, free housing, EBT’s and all that. I was having hard time explaining to my kid what a loser was and I would like to thank that caller because I had my kid read it and I think he finally got what a real loser was. So, again, I just want to thank that 23-year-old loser for quitting his job to get free benefits. Good job, Buddy. Thank you.

I would like to compliment a local business, The Seat Weaver on 71 Elm Street, Westfield. I brought a small rocking chair who’s caning had dried up and split in the center in for re-caning. Not only was it a fantastic caning job, they polished the chair with lemon oil that made an otherwise lackluster finish shine. For anyone who needs a chair re-caned, give them a call at 568-1970. To the Westfield News, I’m not sure if you have ever done a story on these folks, but it would make a great human interest story focusing on one of Westfield’s unique businesses.

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