PulseLine, September 11, 2102

I noticed all around town that everyone seems to be going about their business as if tomorrow is not 9/11. I know there are ceremonies that will be happening, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Maybe we could name this day, this horrific event that changed and for so many ended, our lives forever. We can’t let time make us forget… I hope everyone will say a prayer for the ones we lost and the ones who still fight for our freedom… “We will never forget.” God bless our soldiers and all that perished on that evil day.

The new school on Cross Street may be a blessing. Just think of the business and boost to the local economy that will result. Some enterprising business person could open an auto body shop with tow truck near the corner of Cross and East Silver Streets and never have to wait very long for plenty of business. And if the cars or trucks could not be repaired then a new car or truck would help spread the wealth around. More cash for local lawyers and Noble Hospital. Traffic signal manufacturers will benefit since new signals might be necessary at the corners of Cross and West Silver Streets and Cross and Main Streets. I am sure there are many other benefits that I have not thought of. Thank you. We look forward to your business and cash.

We often look at the Westfield Police Log at work and can’t help commenting on the silly callers with nothing better to do then make the Westfield Police Department waste their time on these senseless calls. Two in particular were one calling the police about girls using silly string and the other calling about a contained food-cooking fire. Come on, people. Don’t you have anything better to do? Imagine sitting by a small contained fire cooking a steak only to have the fire department put it out. I think these callers should have to pay the cost of silly, wasted trips by the police. Unless you see a crime or something that is dangerous, please don’t waste our tax dollars on these stupid calls.

Southwick schools superintendent Mr. Barry: Are we paying more for the grounds of the school campus to be kept up than we should be? I noticed a lot of Southwick Rec. Center teams practicing on town property. Are they paying to have the grounds kept up? Our Southwick & Hilltown editor, Hope Tremblay, is looking into this.

This is for all the people who don’t use the pike exit properly, taking a right turn at the intersection, and using the ramp like you should be. You’re going to kill someone with your antics. I know the traffic sucks at the exit but just be patient and don’t hurt anyone.

I’m a parent on Meadow Street and I want to know how the police let a level three sex offender walk around buying alcohol for minors and always drunk. Like he’s not going to re-offend? How does he get away with it?

Hello. I’m just curious as to why there’s an entire article on the second page of The Westfield News in Spanish? I’m not paying for a paper that prints in Spanish. Please don’t do it again. Believe it or not, we have a very large Spanish speaking community here in Westfield and City Councilor Agma Sweeney was kind enough to provide us her column in both English and Spanish. If additional opportunities present themselves to us to print information in English and another language we will do so.

This is for Chris Putz: I want to thank him again for running the pool. It’s a very good one but I noticed on his Saturday picks that he’s a little delinquent. He didn’t pick Buffalo or the Jets, it was open. Thank you for that one, it’s a gimme! Also, last week he wrote down that Andrew Luck is playing for Tennessee; he’s playing for Indianapolis. I don’t know what kind of reporting you’re doing… Just kidding! Good job. Bye, bye.

Hi. Talk about political propaganda. The mayor with his picture in the paper with little kids with plastic shovels performing a ground breaking for the new school being built in the wrong place. They also had another picture of the kids reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” where the school’s being built in the wrong place. I can’t believe the gall this guy has using little kids to cover up his mistakes.

Good morning. I’m calling concerning Chapman Playground and the approximately 13 to 17 Christmas-like trees that were planted and are now brown. I hope there was at least a one year or six month guarantee on the trees. You know what I suggest? Go back to the company that did the work (there should be a guarantee) and have them replace those trees with shade trees. I wish Mr. Mayor would follow up on this. Thank you and have a good day.

I recently drove by the old Westfield Hotel and wanted to know who the homeless guy is that’s always out front smoking. Is that a homeless shelter now?

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