PulseLine, September 15, 2012

To: the person that is increasing annoyed about that family’s poor cat “Thomas”, I believe you have failed to mention that the family will be donating the money to a local shelter if the reward is not claimed. They had an anonymous person come forward with the reward and the pets owners agreed to donate the money. Everyone is entitled to an opinion: yours perhaps is a bit twisted. I guess a pellet in a domestic cat is ok, even if it has been there for a while. Sorry it wasn’t fresh enough kill for you. Obviously you have little regard for people’s pets or feelings! How cold!

To the person who responded very rudely about the woman’s cat who was killed:  ARE YOU SERIOUS?? What if this situation happened to you?? Would you want to find the culprit who nearly killed your cat or dog? When you said, “Unfortunately, there is no proof that the break was caused by the hands of a human.” uhhh clearly it was a human that shot the cat with the pellet. I don’t think other animals can shoot pellets and I know there have been no aliens on earth yet that would shoot animals. You are so ignorant and disrespectful. Yes, the woman let her cat outside but that’s what animals do, they like to go outside and breathe the fresh air. You’re telling me that if you had an animal you wouldn’t let it go outside? What a cruel person you are.  I think this woman has every right to express her first amendment and deserves to know who did this to her cat. Many people consider their pets as part of their families, so it is harsh to have to put down an animal that you love dearly. Some of you humans disgust me, and you have no respect whatsoever!

This is a message for Westfield State University. I’m sure you’re very pleased that your campus is now smoke free. Actually, I know you are because it’s posted on your electronic billboard by the Woodward Center. If you can provide a solution to all of your students who are smoking on the public sidewalks right off of the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, the rest of us will be equally as pleased.

I am flabbergasted. City officials say that they have “moved on” from pursuing a casino. Why? I thought we were supposed to do everything we could to attract and promote business. If one developer backed out, then pursue another. I hope it is not because Springfield announced its plans. It would be another case of Springfield’s “we’re the biggest so we deserve it” attitude. One important offshoot of the Westfield casino site was that it might have finally gotten the Turnpike ramp issue straightened out. Holyoke is not giving up, neither is Palmer. Here was the chance for true revenue. We have to stop expecting the state to pay for everything, from roads to schools to parks. The site must have potential, as both a mall and a casino were interested. . . .an opportunity given up too easily.

Southwick schools superintendent, Mr. Barry: Could you take a moment out of your busy schedule, I know you’re so busy, to explain why the school buses are still parked in the Woodland School area when they were to be moved to the new Department of Public Works facility on College Highway? It seems to me that it’s a bigger area for them to park with better supervision and security. There’s also more room and a bigger garage for the mechanics to work on the buses. I’ll look for your answer, sir. Souhwick Supt. Barry: The parking/maintenance/ area for our buses remains at the Woodland School. The idea of locating them at the Southwick DPW facility has been discussed in the past, but has not been negotiated or analyzed or finalized. There are significant questions about traffic, safety and cost sharing that would need to be resolved.

Hi! I currently own a home and live on East Mountain Road in the section between Papermill & Rt 20. To say that this section is in poor shape is an undestatement. It is also the one section that was not resurfaced like the remainer of the road yet it is the section that is the most abused. Heavy dumps trucks pounding it all day (and sometimes all night). What makes it so aweful is the “patchwork” that was done to fill in the potholes was slighlty raised above the rest of the pavement when it was done and in essence it created ” reverse pothole” if you will. When the trucks hit these areas not only is the noise maddening but it shakes the whole house. Its not just about the road, what it does to our cars, etc. but what it’s doing to the structural integrity of my home. Who will help me pay to repair the cracks in my walls and my foundation? No one will but yet I have to continue to pay my taxes to the city regardless.  Oh and sleep…lets just say there hasn’t been a whole lot of that since spring! Please Mr. Mayor I beg you to take notice of these matters or perhaps join me for coffee at 6:30 A.M. when you cant even hear yourself think everytime a truck hits the busted up and uneven payment in front of my home. I am sure you could work out some sort of deal with Lane to slap a smooth layer over the top of everything since they need this stretch of road too! Sincerely, Sleepless on East Mountain.  The city is currently seeking state funding for the engineering and design of an East Mountain Road reconstruction project that will include extensive drainage and stormwater management improvements, as well as repaving. The current skim-coat work is a stopgap until state and federal funds are available for a much more extensive reconstruction project. In the next 60 days, the city will continue where it left off last year with its overlay effort on East Mountain Road. This effort and an additional effort next fall will see the entire length of East Mountain Road repaved in a four-year time span. The total cost of this four-year effort will be well over 600,000 dollars. Considering we get approximately an average of 1.1 million a year over that same time, and we have over 300 miles of road, we have done the best we can – to be fair to all citizens.

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