PulseLine, September 26, 2013

On Monday afternoon in front of the Big Y/Rite Aid plaza, I saw what could have been a tragedy. South Middle School kids were walking home on the side walk; both lanes of traffic were moving slowly; when two boys stepped in front of the cars and walked diagonally across the street to meet their mother waiting in her van in traffic!!! They had NO concern with their surroundings; they didn’t care that the cars were moving. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And this is only the beginning if the school is built on Cross St. This situation needs to be addressed.

I am sending this to the extremely ignorant individual who posted recently regarding the “CRYBABIES on Bailey Drive.” If you had any knowledge of the situation and what is going on on our street, you may have thought twice about posting what you did. It amazes me that you find enough value in this cut through that you would be that angry over it being closed when the only reason that is being requested is due to safety concerns. You would think based on the nerve this has struck with you that we were asking for the Mass Pike to be shut down. Relax a little. You have many of your facts incorrect. We do not want a gated community; we simply want safety for our children. A traffic study was done on our street and it was determined that over 700 cars cut through in a two day period. These cars do not abide by the speed limits, and with 25 children, many of whom are under the age of 5, simply telling them to stay on the sidewalk is not the answer. There is absolutely no need to cut down Egleston Road through Bailey Drive to Sammy Lane. Doing this saves less than a half mile. In addition, do your homework so you don’t look like a FOOL. The poor residents of Egleston Road fought tirelessly to close down that street to eliminate the traffic cutting through from 202 to Servistar. By opening up Sammy Lane, the city has put them in the EXACT same situation. What we are requesting solves the problem for them (again) and us as well. Your lack of concern for children shows how necessary it is for us to have this street shut down. You are probably one of the individuals flying down this street at ridiculous speeds putting all of us in danger. I wonder if you have children of your own…I certainly hope not for their sake. And if you do, I would hope that you would fight for their safety as well. And lastly, we did not request the one way. The Mayor requested that be put up to see if it would cut down on traffic. Unfortunately, it did not because individuals (possibly even you) paid no attention to the sign and continued to travel in both directions on Sammy Lane. Check your facts next time you post. Sincerely, The CRYBABIES on Bailey Drive

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