PulseLine, September 4, 2012

So, I read with great interest the article on the demolition of the Elm Street properties, and Councilman Flaherty’s response. What a chuckle I had over the Mayor’s patently bitter dig at Flaherty and the other Councilor who voted against the proposal for demolition. Seems like a feud due to some unpleasant feelings resulting from the “Signgate” lawsuit. Shouldn’t the Mayor be a little bit more professional? An obvious cheap shot at the guy that is suing him over the sign issue. I strongly support all of the improvements made to the City of Westfield, the downtown and the bridges, etc. However, this kind of cheap shot really does smack of unprofessional, crybaby politics. Enough. The vote was in favor of the demolition and there was no need to bitterly chide two Councilors against it and who voted their conscience. They have that right, Mr. Mayor.

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