PulseLine: Westfield Schools

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Yesterday I submitted a post about our school system. I just reviewed the school department’s response. The responder commented that 87% is not 86% and that therefore the data is skewed to make Westfield look worse than it is. Did the responder consider that US News & World Report uses the same analysis methodology for all school systems, and that our ranking relative to our peers would still be mediocre at best? More importantly, the responder did not address the central questions of why should taxpayers pay the same people $2 million more for mediocrity, and if this extra $2 million would improve the educational results for our children in any discernible way? How many Westfield students get accepted to Ivy League colleges or colleges that have very competitive admissions (those with less than 10% acceptance rate)? How many Westfield students score better than 1400 on SAT tests? What percentage of students score better than 3 on AP exams? Has Westfield School System ever done a post graduate analysis of how our students feel the education and experiences they receive in Westfield compares to their peers?

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