School just ended, but a new rewards program aims to help teachers next year

Eric Lasante, manager of the Westfield Staples store, speaks during a Westfield Education to Business Alliance meeting at Western Mass Hospital. (Photo by Hope E. Tremblay)

WESTFIELD – Although school just ended in the city Thursday, a new program at Staples is aimed at helping local teachers purchase supplies in the new school year.

Westfield Staples Manager Eric Lasante discussed the new Classroom Rewards during this week’s Westfield Education to Business Alliance (WE2BA) meeting.

WE2BA, a partnership between the Westfield Public Schools and Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce, connects local businesses with students and teachers.

Lasante said Classroom Rewards earns money for teachers registered in the program when a purchase is made and designated to that teacher.

For example, Lasante said a parent can register for the program online and select a registered teacher to receive the reward. Every time that parent makes a purchase at Staples, that teacher receives five percent back when the parent visits the website and enters their receipt number.

“And parents don’t lose their own rewards,” Lasante said of Staples Rewards customers.

The maximum a teacher can receive is $250. The Classroom Rewards program runs now through Sept. 15.

“This is going to be one of the biggest back-to-school seasons,” Lasante said.

Lasante said Staples is revamping its business model and customers will soon begin seeing the change. The Classroom Rewards program is one facet of the upcoming change.

“This program, I truly believe, will benefit the school community,” Lasante said.

Anyone can enroll for the program at

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