Senior Center projects extended again

SOUTHWICK – The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) will be coming forward with another extension request for the senior center expansion.
Erica Johnson of the PVPC spoke with the Board of Selectmen this past week and offered an update on Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects, including the senior center.
“We expected the project would be completed by December but there were setbacks on getting materials,” Johnson said.
The board asked when Johnson thought the project would be done.
“The contractor is trying to figure out how long it will be,” she said. “I expect there will be a request for an extension.”
The board approved an extension earlier this fall for the project, which was originally supposed to be done by October.
Johnson said the problem is out of their hands.
“Everything that can be done has been done and materials have been ordered. It’s just getting things to the site,” said Johnson.
Johnson said a second CDBG project – a housing rehabilitation and septic repair – is also still ongoing. Johnson said the town should be eligible for CDBG funds again during the 2014 cycle.
“You are eligible every two years, so that will be next winter,” said Johnson.
Housing projects that have used CDBG funds range from $6,000 projects to projects upwards of $100,000.
“This program has been a help to a lot of people in the community over the years,” said Board Chairman Arthur Pinell.
Selectman Russell Fox agreed.
“This has been a great benefit to a lot of people – thank you,” Fox said.

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