Shia, 4 others tackle ‘Putz’

NFLlogoOK. So I’m trying to avoid the dreaded 6-6-6.
Last week, I went 7-6. (Yes, it was mistakenly reported that I went 8-5. I guess I was just hoping to have done better than I had feared … Those entrants who posted 8-5 records or better are eligible for the grand prize drawing.
This week, I finished 8-6.
I was snakebitten by New Orleans, Miami, San Diego, Tampa Bay, and Chicago, who all failed to win. At least with the New York Giants, I was kind of expecting Eli to take another step back.
Judy Shia, of Westfield posted a splendid 10-4 record to win the weekly prize – a gift certificate to The Tavern Restaurant.
Four entrants went 9-5 to qualify for the grand prize drawing.
This week features a couple of marquee matchups like the Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos at the Seattle Seahawks. The New England Patriots should have a walk in the park with their home opener against the lowly Oakland Raiders.
Good luck, and happy pickings!

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