Southwick 250 banner sponsorships selling fast

Russell Fox, at left, and Robert Fox look over the brochure of Celebrate Southwick 250 banners available for purchase. (Photo by Hope E. Tremblay)

SOUTHWICK – Celebrate Southwick 250, the committee organizing the town’s upcoming 250th anniversary, is decorating Southwick’s streets for the next year with colorful banners.

The 2’x5’ all-weather banners will hang from light poles throughout the town for one year beginning in November to commemorate Southwick’s history.

Southwick Selectboard Chairman Russell S. Fox said sponsors are sought for the banners and after a year of flying in town, the banners will be given to the sponsors.

“There are only 50 of these, and of those 50, there are just 16 left,” Fox said.

This banner, created by Southwoods to commemorate Southwick’s 250th anniversary, is an example of sponsorship opportunities to support the year-long events leading up to Celebrate Southwick 250 in October, 2020 . (Hope E. Tremblay Photo)

According to Celebrate Southwick 250 Chairman James Putnam, the tax-deductible donation of $250 will help provide funds for the myriad of events during the year-long celebration of Southwick’s birthday.

Banners can be viewed at

“Sponsors of the banners will be prominently mentioned in press releases, Facebook and other communications,” said Fox. “This is a major funding source for Southwick 250 birthday activities. We have so many great events planned, but we need to fund them with money from the banner and souvenir sales. Check out the many beautifully designed banners, but because we’re over 50% sold out, choose quickly to get the banner you want.”

Residents can get involved in the planning of events by joining the Celebrate Southwick 250 committee. The next meeting is Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Southwick Town Hall. All are welcome, said Putnam.

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