Southwick board approves Borgetti license

The Select Board Monday night approved a license for Borgetti
Auto Sales, a used car lot at 532 College Highway. Owner Vincent Borgetti requested the board increase the allowed number of spaces on the site to 30 during a meeting last week. The previous owner had 15 vehicles and the land owner said the license historically allowed for 25 cars.
“They were able to bring in a license showing there were 25
cars,” said board chairman Fred Arnold. “So we approved 25 cars.”
Last week, Borgetti pleaded with the board.
Borghetti said the plans were revamped several times to get
the most cars while keeping the property attractive. He said if they hold him
to 15 cars, his business would not survive.
“With the economy the way it is, I don’t think I could
survive with 15 cars,” Borghetti told the board during the Nov. 21 hearing.
Stinehart said Borgetti promised to upgrade the landscaping
and hard surfaces on the property.
“We will look at this again in six months and consider
extending the spaces,” said Stinehart.o

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