Southwick Civic Fund to serve up Thanksgiving dinner

Green bean casserole will be among the side dishes served alongside the turkey at the annual Thanksgiving For All at Moolicious Nov. 28. (Photo by Hope E. Tremblay)

SOUTHWICK – The Southwick Civic Fund’s annual Thanksgiving for All event is almost ready for guests.

Started in 2012 by Joseph Deedy and his family, who own Moolicious Farm, the event offers a free home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner to all, no questions asked.

It was started to provide a meal for those who would otherwise not have Thanksgiving dinner, but what Deedy discovered is that it’s more about the company than the food.

“We have people who come, not because they have no food or can’t cook, but because they don’t have anyone close by to share it with,” said Deedy.

Deedy’s family, including wife Kristi, daughter Elizabeth and son Ronald, started the tradition along with Deedy’s sister Betz Magni, her husband Kelly and their family. Deedy’s other sisters, who live in Virginia, and other relatives and friends joined in to cook and serve the meal. This year, Deedy said his cousin from Chicago and aunt and cousin from Boston will join the rest of the crew – which includes a host of volunteers from town – to prepare, cook, deliver, serve and cleanup.

Selectman Douglas Moglin will once again drive the Southwick Senior Center van to deliver meals.

“Chief Bishop may make an appearance as well,” said Deedy.

In addition to a sit-down mean at Moolicious, 258 Feeding Hills Road, which starts at noon this year, the Southwick Civic Fund volunteers also deliver Thanksgiving dinner to those who are homebound.

Deedy works closely with Southwick Council on Aging Director Cindy Sullivan to identify residents who need meals delivered. Sullivan said this is a great service for the town’s older adults and added that Deedy, the Southwick Civic Fund and the Town of Southwick go above and beyond for their seniors.

“Some of them are homebound, some can’t cook for themselves any longer and this gives them a homecooked meal for Thanksgiving,” Sullivan said. “It’s not just their usual Meals on Wheels – this is a home cooked, traditional Thanksgiving dinner like many of them used to make themselves.”

“This is a great thing,” she said, noting that Deedy also delivers a homemade meal on Christmas Eve to residents identified by Sullivan.

Deedy said they have plenty of turkeys this year – they will cook enough for 200 guests – but they still need some of the trimmings and are accepting donations at Moolicious during business hours.

“We need stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and celery,” he said.

Southwick Regional School works with the Community Food Pantry and Southwick Civic Fund to provide Thanksgiving pies. Deedy said the dinner is made possible by the many volunteers and donors, including United Methodist Church, which donated 10 turkeys.

To donate, or to reserve a seat for dinner, visit or call 413-569-1700.




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