Southwick enters agreement with Westfield for inspections

SOUTHWICK – The Town of Southwick will now have their electrical inspections done by the City of Westfield. Approved by Westfield’s City Council Legislative and Ordinance Committee last week, it will now cost Southwick $14,000 for up to 275 inspections per year. Anything over 275 inspections, will cost an additional $60 each inspection.

Southwick Town Hall. (WNG File Photo)

Town of Southwick Chief Administrative Officer Karl Stinehart approached Westfield Mayor Brian Sullivan about creating the agreement. Previously, Southwick was operating under part-time inspections, as the inspector could only conduct inspections in the after hours from his full-time job. Some inspections need to be done in the evening and at various times and Stinehart saw this as an opportunity for Southwick.

“The availability sometimes has turned into an issue,” said Stinehart. “It’s going to improve our service, it’ll turn things around faster.”

Carissa Lisee, the Superintendent of Buildings for the City of Westfield, agrees with Stinehart that the agreement is advantageous to both communities.

“It’s a benefit to both municipalities,” said Lisee. “It enables Southwick to have their electrical inspections done at a more convenient time for contractors and homeowners, rather than waiting after hours.”

The agreement is expected to officially come into effect once it’s approved by City Council on Thursday.

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