Southwick has at least 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases

SOUTHWICK- The Board of Health announced Friday, April 3 that at least 10 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the Town of Southwick.

The number of cases is up from three on March 27, which would indicate a slower spread of the virus than in other communities. However,a release from the Board of Health Friday stressed that there is not a complete picture of how the disease has hit Southwick.

“The Southwick Board of Health would like to stress that this is not a complete profile of the status of COVID-19 in the Town of Southwick. This number reflects those individuals who have received positive test results and not those awaiting results, untested symptomatic individuals, and those who might currently be asymptomatic,” said the release.

The Board of Health did not say how many individuals in the town are now undergoing quarantine or are awaiting test results. They did say that new case numbers for the town would be posted on the town website every Friday going forward. 

The Board of Health urged residents to take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. These precautions include staying home unless completely necessary, practicing social distancing and proper hygiene when one must go out for necessities, and to call one’s primary care provider if you begin to experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

Nationally and locally, people are also urged to wear masks if they do need to go out in public. 

The early symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, a dry cough, and in some cases a complete loss of one’s senses of taste and smell. More severe cases may also see symptoms such as pneumonia, low blood-oxygen levels, and serious difficulty breathing.

In the release, the Board of Health reiterated that bulk item and brush drop-off would be suspended at the Town Transfer Station until at least May 4.

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