Southwick paraprofessionals get new pay schedule

SOUTHWICK – Southwick Tolland Granville Regional School District paraprofessionals will receive a special, one week pay check tomorrow.
Superintendent Dr. John Barry said because the employees are hourly, past payroll practice sometimes paid the staff for time they had not yet worked.
“Similarly to our other hourly employees, our auditor and those who supervise our financial records asked that we adjust the pay period for those employees,” Barry said.
The first check of the two-week pay period was scheduled for Sept. 14. However, Barry said some employees complained about the change because they reported to work Aug. 27 and have not received a paycheck.
“In response to complaints, we authorized a special pay check for Friday, Sept. 7 for one week’s pay,” Barry said. “They will receive another check Sept. 14, then every two weeks after that.”
Barry said the opening of schools went smoothly, with a few glitches still to work out.
“There is a ton of additional work because of the regionalization with Granville), but it went well,” Barry said.
One area the department is still working on is transportation.
“We had to reassign some routes and think about new bus stops,” Barry said about adding Granville to the route. “Some kids live a long way away from here and we’re trying to get them here as quickly as possible.  It’s a work in progress.”
Also in progress, but moving forward, is the search for a new Granville Village School principal. Barry said the field of candidates will be narrowed to finalists this week, with interviews scheduled for Sept. 18 in open session.

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