Southwick schools will not offer remote learning this fall

SOUTHWICK- Superintendent Jennifer Willard said April 12 that Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District schools will not offer any remote learning this fall. 

Willard said during the School Committee meeting that STGRSD schools would be doing in-person learning five days a week. She said she has recently received calls from parents inquiring about remote learning for 2021-2022.

“We are not implementing any remote instruction next year,” said Willard.

She said some parents have complained that other school districts in the region are offering remote options, but Willard said that it is not that simple.

“Other schools are not offering a remote option. They are opening a virtual school, which is much more costly than normal remote instruction,” said Willard. 

Rather than having a combination of remote and in-person students in the same school, some school districts have been setting up entirely new schools that operate entirely remotely. 

Westfield Public Schools went with that option. The Westfield School Committee voted unanimously April 5 to approve the virtual K-8 school. 

Willard said that to set up a virtual school would require an additional principal and its own code as approved by the state, in addition to an extensive application process. 

“We are too small, and they are looking for a multi-year commitment,” said Willard.

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