Stuck in a rut


WESTFIELD – It is not only workers in nine-to-five jobs who can get stuck in a rut, apparently it can happen to people with less conventional jobs – like career shoplifters.
A Holyoke man was arraigned recently in Westfield District Court for his tenth shoplifting charge after allegedly stealing 20 12-packs of soda from the Westfield Stop and Shop store.
The investigating officer for that crime, Officer Andrew Cekovsky, reports in a court document that the defendant, Lawrence Disco, 54, of 72 Essex St., Holyoke, was identified, in part, by “the fact that he wore the same unique hat in an incident at the Big Y at 485 E Main Street” a few days later which resulted in his arrest.
Cekovsky reports that Stop and Shop security video shows that on Jan. 24, 2018, Disco “loaded (20) 12-packs of soda into a shopping cart and left the store, without paying for them”.’
He reports that at Big Y Disco allegedly also stole 20 12-packs of soda and that he used the same method in Holyoke before his arrest there for shoplifting in October, 2017.
At Westfield District Court, Disco was arraigned on a charge of shoplifting by asportation, a third or subsequent offense. He was held without right to bail, because the offense violated the terms of his release from the Holyoke court, pending an April 18 hearing.
He had been arraigned Jan. 29 for the theft from Big Y and will also appear for a hearing regarding that case on April 18.
In that case he was also charged with trespass since, Officer Michael Bradley reports, he had been served with a “No trespassing” order for all Big Y Stores in February, 2017.
Cekovsky reports that Disco already has seven guilty findings for shoplifting. Two of them, in Springfield and Chicopee, for shoplifting, a third or subsequent offense.

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