Sweepin it Clean to give away disinfectant spray

WESTFIELD – While shoppers continue to flood supermarkets and gobble up some highly sought-after hygiene and cleaning products at unprecedented rates, one local business is making a sweeping gesture to help the public fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Beginning Tuesday, Sweepin it Clean, a residential and commercial cleaning business located in the Whip City, will begin handing out hospital-grade disinfectant spray – free of charge – to anyone in the community and surrounding area.

“Who would have ever thought we would be running out of hand sanitizer, cleaning products and toilet paper?” Sweepin it Clean co-owner Katie Hillard said. “Disinfectant is running out; people can’t find it anywhere. It’s all people are asking for now these days. Why not just give back to the community?”

The “Disinfectant Spray Day” will take place every Tuesday at the Westwood parking lot from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Anyone who brings a bottle (up to 32 ounces) to “Spray Day” will have their bottles filled by Sweepin it Clean employees.

Sweepin It Clean co-owner Katie Hillard said company employees will strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines by wearing masks and gloves. Customers can remain in their vehicles, hand off empty spray bottles through their vehicle windows and have the full bottles returned to them in their trunks if they would like.

According to Hillard, it is critical now more than every before for people to wipe down high-traffic areas and often-used items such as counter tops, door knobs, desktops, TV remotes, phones and toilets. She said the disinfectant can also be poured into mop buckets and used to clean floors.

“Maybe this will help (alleviate the spread of) COVID in our area,” Hillard said.

Together, with co-owner Anthony Rhodes, and a team of four other employees, Sweepin it Clean runs a cleaning service, both residential and commercial, for homes and offices. Together, they wash windows, provide power washing, as well as post-construction and spring cleanings, and cleanings for people moving in or out of offices or homes.

Sweepin It Clean also remains grounded in the community, participating in Cleaning For a Reason, a non-profit organization committed to offering free cleaning services to cancer patients.

“We believe in giving back,” Hillard said. “It’s something we are proud of.”

For instructions on how to properly use the disinfectant, visit Sweepin It Clean on the web at Cleaning tips and other COVID-19 related info can be found on the Sweepin It Clean Facebook page.

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