Online ‘Bingo’ card supports local restaurants

The bingo card shared on the Buy Westfield Now Facebook page.

WESTFIELD- The Westfield Office of Community Development has started an ongoing game of business bingo to support local businesses suffering from the impact of COVID-19. 

The Support Westfield Business Bingo card was shared on the Buy Westfield Now Facebook page Wednesday with the aim of getting people to support local restaurants that have seen decreased business as the coronavirus continues to spread. 

Community Development Director Peter J. Miller said that so far, four $25 gift cards to local businesses are available to win right now, while more may be available later if they are donated. At least two of the gift cards were donated by City Councilor Ralph J. Figy. 

In order to have a chance to win a gift card, one must get takeout at some of the local businesses listed on the bingo card, take a picture of their meal and post it on the Buy Westfield Now Facebook page. 

When someone gets five restaurants in a row on the card, they get bingo and a $25 gift card while they are still available. Some of the restaurants include Skyline Beer Co., Valley Pizza, North Elm Butcher Block, and the Tavern Restaurant, among others. 

Miller said that they are trying to incentivize people to continue supporting local businesses, especially those that struggle to remain open amidst a pandemic. 

“I am somebody who normally goes out to lunch four or five days a week,” said Miller, “I have been doing that much less lately. I want people to be able to go out and make the conscious decision to support the businesses they enjoy.”

Miller said that he does not have the exact numbers for how much local restaurants in Westfield have been impacted by the pandemic, but the feedback he has received shows that most restaurants that are remaining open are facing severe revenue cuts.

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