To the Editor

Hello Westfield, especially, Ward 3, I am back…several people have mentioned that I have not had an editorial in for a while….OK, you win.  First, the 350th celebre.  I was most happy to be at city hall Friday for the official opening of this weekend’s celebration.  And, as many said: Harry Rocks…referring to Harry Rock who has done so much to make this event successful over the past year.  Harry Rocks Westfield!  You need to be at these events for they promise to be fantastic.  Harry said to decorate anyway you can to help this weekend be wonderful, so I wore my tri-corner hat that I got at our nation’s Bicentennial at Concord and Lexington.  And my flag.  That caused some question.  Again it is the first flag of the American Revolution from the Battle of Breeds Hill, erroneously called the Battle of Bunker Hill, in 1774.  It was used in a number of places here in the Northeast by colonials fighting the British.  So, see you at the breakfast, the music, the fireworks, and the parade.

Second subject: the Xfinity commercial about the sleep over and the moms collecting all the devices from the boys so they will actually SLEEP over.  ABOUT TIME, we see parents being responsible parents.  I am so tired of: oh I do not want to invade their space; think I am spying on them….etc.  That is your job as parents…  I say this, with the last school shooting in Colorado…and all the others…If you are a responsible parent; how does this happen?  No one checks on what their children are doing?  Especially, on line?  Who they hang out with, what they are doing?  Do you want the police; SWAT team; the courts; or a coroner to be the ones to step in when they commit a crime?  Congrats to Xfinity for making a stand for responsible parenting!

OK, I cannot stop without a political/government comment.  For the 40% of Americans who could not pass the Civics portion of a citizenship test…The House of Representatives were designated a lot of power because they were the only ones directly elected by popular vote, and for only 2 years terms.  Thus, they were directly accountable to the people.  In the beginning the Senators were chose by the State governments; and the President, likewise, by Electors.  Thus, they were give the power over spending, and many other things.  READ your Constitution!

Lastly I want you to contact Cong. Neal for taking a reasonable and responsible approach, to investigating President Trump’s finances.  Pres. Trump, had promised several times during the campaign and then, reneged. When he boasted about making billion dollar deal with Saudi Arabia, denied and then it was shown, he kept on working on a billion dollar hotel deal with Putin.  This is too important to be dropped.  Here is how you can contact Rep. Neal’s Office, and tell them Brian Hoose sent you, as I go back with him to when he first ran for City Council.  Cong. Richard Neal, 300 State St., Suite 200, Springfield, Ma. 01105; 413-758-0325

2nd lastly, I received great sympathy and condolences for the passing of my dog Ollie.  The Mayor, Joe Mitchell, who I, and the city will miss.  Several councilors, one, Councilor at Large Cindy Harris even followed up with wonderful card of positive sentiments, which I really needed.  Likewise, at the School Committee meeting members spoke to me personally of their sincere feelings regarding my loss.  Even this woman who has only known me and Ollie for a short time, delivered me a meal to help.  As such, while going to the stores, when asked how I am doing; I would tell them not so good, and why.  Stranger expressed their condolences, and related similar events. Appreciate the good that people do.  There are good and wonderful people out there; appreciate them, and thanks to our police dept.  Someone contacted them to have a wellness check done.  So, I want to express my appreciation to our police.  We hear way too often about problems with police.  We should take great pride in their conduct, but also in their service as well.  When you are hitting bottom, and to have people really care is so heartwarming, and so very needed, and appreciated; well it meant a whole lot to me so…THANK YOU ALL!   Your former, Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose…[email protected]

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