Walz-ing to victory

Beat the Putz LogoI was feeling really good, ready to do a Gronk spike of my own after the Patriots whooped the Broncos’ butts late Sunday afternoon. With that blowout victory, I compiled a record of 8-3.
Still, eight “Beat ‘The Putz’” contest participants managed to outwit me with 9-2 records. A real bummer.
All kidding aside, congratulations go out to those eight people, including Darren Walz, of Westfield who won the tiebreaker with 59 points.
My chief statistician, Melissa, informed many others would’ve posted an even better record had they picked the Pats, not the Broncos. I’ve learned to never ever underestimate Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.
While the Patriots are off (on a bye in Week 10), there are still several intriguing matchups such as the Dolphins at Lions, 49ers at Saints, and our Sunday night tiebreaker showdown between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. Good luck!

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