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Westfield High School Junior Awards announced

WESTFIELD – Westfield High School has announced the Junior Awards for the Class of 2021. Principal Chuck Jendrysik said the awards are typically presented in an end-of-year ceremony.
Jendrysik said the College and University Book Awards have eligibility requirements that are determined by the College or University that is giving the award.  In addition to this, each of the academic departments select students to receive departmental awards from their department if they have been the most exceptional student in the Class. This is voted on by the teachers of each department.
“We have a lot of amazing students. To be recognized for any of these awards, truly is outstanding,” Jendrysik said.

Westfield High School Class of 2021
Junior Awards
Brandeis University Award for Social Action & Civic Engagement: Ryan Morash
Bryant University Book Award: Emily Moniz
Bryn Mawr College President’s Book Award: Emma Pedolzky
Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award: Miles Cook
Clarkson University Leadership Award: Mackenzie Rae
Clarkson University Achievement Award: Nina Prenosil
Dartmouth College Book Award: Abby Daley
Elmira College Key Award: Ananda Hudson and Ethan Thompson
George Washington University Book Award: Kelly Burns
Lasell University Book Award: Chandler Pedolzky
LeMoyne College Heights Award: Alex Robitaille
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Suvin Sundararajan
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal Award: Jessica Ferrara and David Tirrell
Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation and Creativity Award: Cameron Theriault and Elizabeth Regnier
Sage Colleges Student Award: Khristina Khuharchuk, Kathryn O’Connor, Alyssa Piper, and Jessica Slowik
St. Anselm College Book Award:Elizabeth Lambert
St. Lawrence University Book Award: Ellen Jury
St. Michael’s College Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience:Steven Bonacci and Grace Regan
Smith College Book Award: Rebekkah Clauson
Springfield College Alumni Association Book Award: Joey Delgado
Stonehill College Book Award: Emma Mazeika
Suffolk University Book Award: Zach Gravel-Blaney
Tulane University Book Award: Saige Smith
University of Rochester Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award:Ethan Narkiewicz
University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: Caitlynn Thomson
University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Trent Stucenski
University of Rochester Xerox Award forInnovation and Information Technology: Max Loper
Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award: Matthew Gorman and Isabel Pursuit
Western New England University Award Book Award: Andrew Dion
Worcester Polytechnic Institute STEM Leadership Book Award: Emily Mihalek
2020 Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit: Emma Pedolzky and Suvin Sundararajan

Excellence in Art: Julia Gedman
Excellence in Computer Science: Max Loper
Excellence in Culinary Arts: Kat Houck
Excellence in English Language Arts: Alexis Puza
Excellence in French: Ethan Narkiewicz
Excellence in Math: Suvin Sundararajan
Excellence in Physical Education Award: Justin Haluch
Excellence in Science: Suvin Sundararajan
Excellence in Social Studies: Alyssa Piper and Caitlynn Thomson
Excellence in Spanish: Trent Stucensji

“I’m extremely proud of all of our recipients. Their recognition demonstrates their commitment to their learning and perseverance,” Jendrysik said.

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