Westfield man arraigned on murder, assault charges

Blake Scanlon and Avery Alexis with their young child in an image uploaded to Facebook in October (Photo acquired via Facebook)

WESTFIELD-Blake Scanlon, 23, of 92 White Street was arraigned in Westfield District Court Monday afternoon on charges of murder, domestic assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Scanlon is accused of killing Alexis Avery, 20, of 92 White Street. He pleaded not guilty in court and is being held without the right to bail.

Blake Scanlon, 23, of Westfield, was arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Alexis Avery, 20, also of Westfield. (Photo courtesy Hampden County District Attorney’s office)

According to Hampden County District Attorney spokesman Jim Leydon, Westfield police responded to a call from Scanlon late Sunday evening claiming that he was seriously injured.  Upon arrival, Westfield police and firefighters discovered that Scanlon had several lacerations on his forearms that appeared to be self-inflicted. Police also discovered the body of Avery, who appeared to have multiple stab wounds. Scanlon was transported to Noble Hospital for treatment of his wounds before he was brought to police headquarters.

Scanlon was present in the court room in a separate, windowed room away from spectators. His case will be continued on February 11th.

According to the Westfield police logs, Scanlon claimed that Avery had been dead since Friday. Detectives on scene requested that the Westfield Fire Department respond due to what was believed to be a strong odor of natural gas. Westfield Gas and Electric personnel arrived on scene and found no sign of a natural gas leak.

Westfield detectives confirmed that Avery and Scanlon had a young child together. They could not comment on whether the child was present when Avery was killed Friday or when police arrived on scene Sunday.

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