Westfield State dorm could be quarantine location, if needed

The globe at the center of Westfield State University’s campus green. (THE WESTFIELD NEWS FILE PHOTO)

WESTFIELD – Westfield Emergency Management Director Jim Wiggs requested use of a Westfield State University dormitory as a potential first responder quarantine location.
“We’re working with the University to use one of their dorms for first responders that we need to quarantine, only for assistance if we get a number of first responders that need to be quarantined away from their families, so as not to put them in harm’s way,” Wiggs said.
He said he is currently reviewing  the paperwork with the state. Wiggs said he is in the process of getting proper approvals through their channels.
“Once it’s finalized, we’ll have a place for first responders, if it’s needed,” Wiggs said, adding that some members of the department have places at home where they can be safely quarantined.
When asked how he is doing himself in the midst of the pandemic, Wiggs said “other than I’m tired, I’m doing well.”

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