Westfield Tech parent group awards scholarships

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Technical Academy Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO) has announced of total of $4,600 in scholarships.

The scholarships were awarded to the following graduating seniors: Kaili Bessette; Elizabeth Beshara, Paige Bixby, Aubrey Bryant, Austin Cefaratti, Raven Carrasquillo, Jake Falcetti, Olivia Friend, Gabrielle Godbout, Keturah Godbout, Isaiah Guzman, Cameron Hiltbrand, Andrew Hill, Christina Mosijchuk, Timothy Nacewicz, Alicia Rossi, Riley Sullivan and Ayanna White.

PVO President Cindy Sullivan said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancelling of the 2020 Craft Fair in November — the PVO’s main fundraiser – their resources had been greatly impacted. However, due to a generous contribution of $2,500 from Westfield Gas & Electric, they were able to award a scholarship to all of the seniors that applied. “We were very appreciative of G&E’s donation,” she said.

Sullivan said that WTA is unique because a student does not have to be going to college to receive a scholarship, which may be applied towards a chosen trade, continuing education or other purposes. “That’s rare with scholarships; often college is a requirement, but it is not a requirement for us because Westfield Technical Academy is the school that it is,” she said. Sullivan added that many of the graduating seniors are going to college.

Sullivan said that the Craft Fair is being planned for Nov. 28, 2021. She said she and two other moms of graduating and graduated seniors have volunteered to help out with this fall’s fair, however, new volunteers are needed to serve in the PVO because only two current members will be returning.

Parents of students who will be attending WTA in the fall and would like to volunteer to join the PVO are encouraged to send an email to [email protected].

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